The End of Democracy! Get to the UK parliament today!!! December 14th – from 4pm

Kill the Bill protests spread to more UK cities [Video]

Posted on December 14, 2021 by Wirral In It Together shared with thanks.. illustrations added

From 4PM but, people will get there earlier.

Drop what you’re doing.
There will be 4 different votes tonight at Parliament; masks, vaccine passports, mandatory jabs for NHS staff and a measure about whether contacts isolate or test their way to freedom.

The sheer contempt this government has for irs citizens is terrifying.

Parliament are voting on the NHS vaccine mandate issue today – this has been snuck in through the back door.

see also: UK lawmakers quietly authorize terminating citizenship without notice

It was supposed to be January, but they want to stop any striking / legal action.

We are truly living in a dystopian world.

Check the Calendar

Protests in the UK and Brussels Against Brutal Government ...

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