Why harmless Omicron may soon Become very Deadly– the SH… Hits the Fan- by Steve Kirsch


Health officials will use Omicron to scare people to taking the booster. The booster will suppress your immune system. You get Omicron. The booster then kills you. Omicron gets the blame. Repeat.

Steve Kirsch 3 hr ago 47 likes 58 comments

Here’s my guess for how this is going to play out:

  1. Health officials use fear of Omicron to scare people into taking the booster now.
  2. The booster temporarily suppresses your immune system, making you more susceptible to getting Omicron.
  3. You get Omicron
  4. You die due to the vaccine
  5. Omicron is perceived to have killed you.
  6. Go to step 1.

See? It’s never ending. Nobody ever figures out that the “safe and effective” vaccine was doing the killing.

Thinking I’m kidding? Read this:

and this article:

Igor’s Newsletter . Boris Johnson’s Biggest Blunder

I watched the latest Boris Johnson Omicron speech with amazement. While I never hated Boris personally, the stupidity of this speech while on the precipice of a real life nightmare, can be understood but cannot be understated…Read more .. a day ago · 65 likes · 133 comments · Igor Chudov

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Sirka Sie14 min agoWhat I’ve been saying all along.This was NEVER about your health.It’s about CONTROL, CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), Social Credit Score, Smart Cities, “Climate Emergency”…..it’s ALL BULLSHIT and it’s ALL COMING TO YOUR TOWN

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