Tragic Fiasco- Brits flock for twice failed ‘vaccine’ as State abolishes Rights and Jails brave protestors

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Studies are already claiming the Pfizer jabs are killing more kids than Covid. Of course, why would vaccine deaths just stop at 18, or 12… And kids are practically immune to Covid anyway.

In a classic case of the Shock Doctrine the far right British Govt has rushed through new legislation abolishing Human Rights.

Worst repression case so far is Ryan Roberts who got 14 years for attempted arson on a cop car while bravely resisting massive police brutality. Dozens more are facing jail. Solidarity protests took place in the aftermath of the verdicts and Bristol ABC has called for solidarity to support them in prison.

Meanwhile we are , like most of the population, now VACCINE JUNKIES dependent on getting a third shot of the “Pfizer Poison” which “doesn’t even prevent Covid or stop its spread and is causing irreversible health problems and deaths”

While the official “NARRATIVE” is still ‘Get The Vaccine’ the tacit admission in the panic Booster campaign is that it has totally failed and there is zero alternative strategy. A few alternative news sites, like The Daily Expose, have been left open so the truth can filter out. The state will just change ‘narrative’, never admit lying for over 2 years.


Chaos Fraud Fiasco! Or rather a once in a lifetime golden opportunity to slip through repressive laws that make Turkey or Spain seem permissive by comparison (See details here: This is the Moment)

‘Pfizer’s Covid-19 ‘Vaccine’ is 32 Times Less Effective Against Omicron’: Studies

According to experts from Hong Kong, the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine is less effective against the B11529 Omicron Strain. Studies revealed that the new variant reportedly reduced the mRNA induced antibodies by at least 32-fold.

What ingredients are in the Pfizer Covid vaccine? - LBC

Headlines from the mass media repeats Pfizer claims that vaccine booster protects against omicron, and is “keeping people out of hospital”, but of course the booster is NOTHING NEW just a lesser dose of the original failed ‘vaccine’ (with a few added ingredients.)

Few are hospitalized because Omicron is HARDLY WORSE THAN A BAD COLD, as the WHO admitted at the beginning.

The UK booster hysteria might give a minimal protection for up to 2 or 3 months, but then what? Then we’re left with zero natural immunity or another and another jab! While just getting Omicron, like the flu, “gives you up to a year’s broad immunity”.

One reason Pfizer is desperate to sell their booster is that they fear Omicron could sweep the planet “doubling every 3 days” and so be followed by massive immunity and a PANDEMIC PAUSE with a possible window to PANDEMIC OBLITERATION, losing them tens of billions.

That may seem like conspiracy theory to you, but “Pfizer is the most thoroughly evil company ever created” A list of their crimes against humanity already fills volumes. (see also: Pfizer Tests COVID-19 Vaccine on Kids: Frauds, lawsuits, and convictions of their ‘crimes against Humanity’.. should we trust them?)

graviolateam finland: COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Pfizer Paid ... VIDEO/ For the record, this channel has not been monetised – none of my videos ever has been. There are no ads, no sponsors and no requests for funds on videos or websites . Dr Coleman).

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about Pfizer. The first is that it created a covid-19 jab. It didn’t. The only thing Pfizer has created is a money making machine. Even the WHO says that Pfizer has a reputation for putting profit above everything else’.

Greencrow: BREAKING NEWS: Former Chief Science Officer of ...

When Omicron appeared Pfizer and the “authiorities” didn’t known what to say, first that it wasn’t really harmless as it might kill old people. Then that although very few were even hospitalized Omicron could, even so, close hospitals by infecting huge numbers. Then the present blatant lie, that its the wonderful expensive Pfizer boosters (same as the 1st 2 jabs) are keeping hospitalizations down.

What a WHOPPER.. but the media repeats it millions of times a day.. Fauci Says COVID-19 Boosters Work Against Omicron Variant … And of course the authorities already have exclusive contracts to buy the boosters with all sorts of penalty clauses.

And anyway a UK Government report admits there are 23.5 Million people in England who have NOT had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine. Wouldnt those 23.5 ‘antivax terrorists’ end up in hospital for refusing the booster?

Hospitals in the UK are indeed filling not with Omicron victims but with longer term vaccine injuries and opportunist diseases from partial vaccine immunity wearing off, and a long backlog of untreated cases…

The tragedy is we’re being led by the nose, they don’t even bother rectifying anymore when switching their lies. Some experts are predicting – déjà vu – the UK is about to experience a wave of deaths among the Elderly and Vulnerable comparable to April 2020; but Covid-19 will NOT be to blame.

‘We are never reminded by the mainstream media that around 93% of all adults have antibodies and that covid-19 has a fatality rate of around 0.096% – mainly among the over 80s who have other serious illnesses’.

”Visit .. Please visit my own websites and ”


Beat Covid..

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Vence a Covid… (info en inglés)

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