Pfizer Tests COVID-19 Vaccine on Kids: Frauds, lawsuits, and convictions of their ‘crimes against Humanity’.. should we trust them?

info taken from Global Research, with thanks

See also 30/06/2021

FDA Lets Pfizer Test Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine on U.S. Children – Centre for Research on Globalization

see also.. Pfizer Bribed Nigerian Officials in Fatal Drug Trial that killed children,

On Oct. 16, Pfizer’s CEO indicated the company would likely file for FDA Emergency Use Authorization for its experimental BNT162b2 vaccine in late November. That statement came three days after Pfizer announced that it had received FDA permission to administer the unproven vaccine to children as young as 12, becoming the first company in the U.S. to include young participants in Phase 3 trials.

Pfizer pays Nigeria drug-trial victims - Al Jazeera English

see also> US-based Pfizer pays first four of possible 546 families for deaths and disabilities caused by meningitis test vaccine.

Are these parents (perhaps left unemployed by coronavirus restrictions) tempted by the financial incentives offered to clinical trial participants, reportedly anywhere from $1200 to $2000?

FDA Lets Pfizer Test Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine on U.S. Children – Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

HISTORY: The failed Trovan Drug Trial by Pfizer in Kano ...
see also> Pfizer Case Over Test That Killed 11 Kids

Otherwise, their motivation for wanting to throw their children into the experimental fray is unclear; as the director of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital stated, “most of the time, what a coronavirus causes is a cold” that does not even make children “sick enough to where a parent says they need to go to a doctor.”

The Cincinnati physician has, nonetheless, just started giving Pfizer’s shot to 16- and 17-year-olds (and soon to 12-15-year-olds). To entice additional young participants, he tells parents that the COVID-19 death rate in children is “not zero” — but declines to spell out that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the survival rate in those age 19 and under is 99.997%

Frauds, lawsuits, and convictions of Pfizer’s crimes against Humanity

The failed Trovan Drug Trial by Pfizer in Kano ...


In 2007, PFIZER was sued for having used 200 children from Kano (northern Nigeria) as human guinea pigs in 1996 for an experimental treatment based on two drugs, Trovan, which was given to 99 children, and Ceftriaxone, to 101 others.

According to the prosecutor General of the State, Barrister Aliyu Umar, the drugs caused the death of 18 children and generated irreversible consequences – such as malformations, blindness, paralysis or brain damage – to the other 182.

The had FDA approved its marketing in December 1997, and two years later it warned in a note about its toxicity risks.

In April 2009 Pfizer reached an agreement with the Nigerian government for which it eventually after a lawsuit paid a compensation of 75 million dollars (10 for legal costs, 30 for the Kano state government! And only 35 for those affected and their families.. that’s why these racist companies test in Africa, in the US it would surely have cost them much, much more. )


In 2004, Pfizer agreed to pay $ 420 million to stop the legal process opened in the United States for ”encouraging” doctors to prescribe Neurontin against diseases for which it was not indicated. The drug was one of the company’s sales leaders, generating sales of $ 2.7 billion in 2003, but 90% of prescriptions in the United States did not correspond to any of the approved indications. (2)

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Bextra and Celebrex.

Also in 2004, it was Pfizer itself who announced that its arthritis drug called Celebrex demonstrated its ability to double the risk of heart attacks in a cancer prevention test, following the withdrawal by the Merck company of another drug for identical reasons.
In 2008, it announced that it planned to pay $ 894 million to settle lawsuits for its pain reliever Bextra and Celebrex.
Pfizer victims fear DNA testing | Niger | Al Jazeera

see also>Pfizer victims fear DNA testing

The charge included $ 745 million to settle personal injury lawsuits, $ 60 million for the group of states indictment of Bextra’s sales practices, and $ 89 million to settle consumer fraud class action lawsuits. (3)

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