NYC: Noise Demo Against the Prison Industrial Complex, In Solidarity with PPs and POWs

photo: Ash Agony

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Call for noise demo in New York City on New Year’s Eve from NYC Anarchist Black Cross.

On the noisiest night of the year in New York City, come help us remind folks locked up that they are not alone. NYC Anarchist Black Cross, in response to an international call for noise demonstrations outside of prisons, is asking folks to join us outside of the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Come, not to appeal to authority, speak truth to power, or any other contrivance, but rather to stand with comrades, at a safe distance, and show direct solidarity to those on the other side of the wall.


The state, writ large, is targeting anarchists all across the United States and abroad. This will be both protest and celebration.

On Friday, December 31st at 9 PM,  at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC, the federal prison in Brooklyn); meet at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 30th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11232 (D/N/R to 36th Street or R to 25th Street).

NOTE: we are not encouraging folks to take public transit or other risks. (Please recognize your comfort level with attending this event)

BRING: Noisemakers, air horns, drums, anything that is loud!

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