UK Media admit Billions of Covid Lies!! ‘Covid is Over? but 1984 style Control “must continue”., Off Guardian

by Kit Knightly at shared with thanks

Living with Covid

What do they REALLY mean by “living with Covid” Why are media dialling back on the Covid hysteria? Is it because the “pandemic” is really over? Or is it just a Pause in the Control process?

Kit Knightly

The past few days, even weeks, have seen a definite alteration in the media’s attitude to the Covid “pandemic”.

There have been numerous examples of what, if the media were not so tightly controlled, might be referred to as “dissent”. But, since the media is tightly controlled, we must call it an apparent change in the message.

Famously, Dr Steve James, a consultant anaesthetist, confronted UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid over the weakness of the science supporting vaccine mandates. Note this was actually aired on Sky News:

“The science isn’t strong enough”.

Watch the moment an unvaccinated hospital consultant challenges Health Secretary Sajid Javid over the government’s policy of compulsory COVID jabs for NHS staff.

A few days ago Dr Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, went on Good Morning America to discuss the “Omicron” wave, and ended up pointing out that most “omicron deaths” have multiple co-morbidities.

In another interview, with Fox News, Dr Walenksy said the CDC was going to publish data on how many people had died of Covid, and how many died with it.

Infographic: Life after lockdown: How travel, shopping, going to the cinema  will change | India News - Times of India

This begs a series of important questions.

  1. Why is the director of the CDC (seemingly) engaging with these Covid skeptic arguments after two years of pretending they don’t exist?
  2. Why would Sky News air, and then tweet out, the video clip of a doctor challenging the health secretary?
  3. Why is the Guardian running headlines like “End mass jabs and live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce” and quoting medical personnel who say we need to “treat Covid like the flu”?
  4. Why are new studies being promoted that claim T cells from ordinary colds can “protect you from Covid”?

There’s no denying the messaging, the deceleration of the narrative. There’s a new thread being woven into the story: “living with Covid”.

For over a month that has been a popular buzz phrase all over the Western press.

On December 1st, Forbes headlined:

Why Endemic Covid-19 Will Be Cause For Celebration

An article which argued, among other things, that “Endemic Covid-19 will be no worse than seasonal flu”. This sentiment has been repeated ad nauseum across multiple outlets.

Vaccines reach COVID-ravaged Indigenous communities | WSYX

We already mentioned the Guardian article from January 8th, there’s also an earlier one from Dec 5th titled “From pandemic to endemic: this is how we might get back to normal”.

CNBC ran three almost identical stories on this topic in the space of two weeks:

On New Year’s Day, Vox had a piece titled:

Despite omicron, Covid-19 will become endemic. Here’s how.

Bloomberg is reporting that Omicron signals the end “of the acute phase of the pandemic”.

Just yesterday the New York Post headlined: “COVID will become endemic by later this year, ex-Biden task-force head predicts”, and USA Today asked The pandemic is changing. Will omicron bring a ‘new normal’ for COVID-19?

And earlier today Channel 4 opined that “Covid in 2022” means “learning to live with the virus”.

The messaging isn’t just media-based, either. Reports are coming out that “living with Covid” is going to be the UK government’s strategy moving into 2022, with an official publication on this topic expected “within weeks”.

So, “living with the virus” is going to be added to the Covid phrasebook alongside “flatten the curve” and “the new normal”. But what does it actually entail?

When they say “living with Covid”, what do they really mean?

Well, firstly, let’s not make the mistake of trusting any government, media, or “expert”, just because they start telling 20% of the truth.

They are liars, they have an agenda, this is always true, you should always be aware of it, even when – or especially when – they are suddenly telling you what you want to hear.

They have not seen the light, they are not correcting their mistakes, they not finally seeing sense, and they are not switching sides.

There have been no Damascene conversions. There is no wave of guilty consciences sweeping through the elite.

Living with COVID: New campaign aims to help young people understand COVID -19

They have an agenda. They always have an agenda.

You should also dispel all notions of “getting back to normal” from your mind. That isn’t happening.

How do we know? Because they said so.

Half the articles talking about “living with Covid” go into detail about how things won’t really change. Take this one, from the Guardian yesterday:

‘Living with Covid’ does not have to mean ditching all protective measures

It outlines that Covid could become endemic soon, that the mass testing of asymptomatic people may be counter-productive and possibly should stop, but it doesn’t reverse course on masks or vaccines and leaves the door wide open for a new “variant” to jump-start more lockdowns in the future:

“Living with Covid” does not have to mean reversing every protective measure. If better ventilation and face masks reduce the impact of winter respiratory illnesses, that is a positive, even if the NHS is no longer under imminent threat of being overwhelmed. We will also need to remain vigilant about the threat from new variants, which could still cause big setbacks. There is no guarantee that another variant, more infectious and more virulent than Omicron, could emerge in the future. Scientists say that supporting global vaccination efforts will be crucial to securing the path to normality.

Infographic: Life after lockdown: How travel, shopping, going to the cinema  will change | India News - Times of India

Masks, working from home, and social distancing in crowded settings could all be “sticking around”, according to one of the above CNBC articles. And “Covid Boosters could become like annual flu shots”.

Meanwhile, “experts” are warning that even once Covid is endemic we should prepare for “surges” every three or four months.

It seems “living with the virus” means maintaining the status quo, loosening a few restrictions, but leaving the path clear for new waves of fear porn should the need arise.

But why? Why are they doing this now?

It could be that there are splits and factions, fractures along the floors of the corridors of power. Perhaps some members of the great big club want to halt the Pandemic where it is, afraid that any more progress along the “Great Reset” path may imperil their own position or their own wealth.


What I see as more likely is that they sense they have over-extended themselves already, and that stretching further could break their entire story to pieces.

To use an apt metaphor, imagine the “Great Reset” agenda as an invading army, marching through town after town, winning battle after battle and burning as they go.

There comes a point where you have to stop. Your supply lines are pulled taut, your men are tired and numbers dwindling, and the occupied citizens are putting up more and more resistance. Push on now, and your entire campaign could crumble.

What you do in that situation is withdraw to a defensible position and fortify it. You don’t give back the land you’ve taken, or not much of it at least, but you stop pushing forward.

The people whose land you have invaded will be so glad the war is over, so tired of fighting, they’ll be so relieved by the respite before realising how much of their land you’ve taken away. They may even say “let them keep it, as long as they stop attacking us”.

That’s how conquest works, from the days of ancient Rome and beyond. A cycle of aggression followed by fortification.

When we switch from “pandemic” to “endemic”, we won’t be getting our rights back, the vaccine passes and surveillance and the culture of paranoia and fear will remain, but people will be so relieved at the pause in the campaign of fear and propaganda they will stop resisting.

They won’t push back, and the “New Normal” will literally become just that, normal.

Hell, they’ll probably greenlight funding for anything Bill Gates wants to do make sure “Covid is the last pandemic”.

And then, one day when people are nice and docile again, a new variant will come back, or we’ll need a “climate lockdown”, and the push for control of every aspect of our lives will start up again in earnest.

The best thing we can do is not fall into the trap.

The press politicians and Big Pharma didn’t all just realise the truth, they’re just using some small parts of truth they’ve been ignoring for two years to fortify their position.

But that doesn’t make it a bad thing.

The very fact they feel the need to do so shows that the resistance is building, and that they’re are trying to lull us into relaxing.

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Orthus Jan 11, 2022 10:53 AM

David Sassoli, the president of the European parliament, has died at the age of 65, his spokesman has said.

The 65-year-old Italian had been seriously ill in hospital for more than two weeks due to a dysfunction of his immune system.

?? 10 Reply

New Nane

New Nane Jan 11, 2022 10:50 AM

Unjustified Optimism

Where I am things are looking very grim. Everyone is terrified. Everything is back on zoom. Muzzles compulsory everywhere. Moronic has afflicted everyone. The “tests” may have been tweaked to have everyone test “positive”. People are queuing up for their “boosters” which are proving deadly. I think the depopulation plan is doing very well and has shifted up a couple of gears. I can’t believe the sheeple are STILL going along, but they definitely are. 00 Reply

New Nane

New Nane Jan 11, 2022 11:02 AM Reply to  New Nane

Bare shelves

Supermarkets are running out of food. This is getting grim.
However the destruction of the environment is accelerating. During 2021 the fruit bats which were a constant for the 20 years I have been in the area have stopped coming. As have the masked lapwings which frequented the little reserve in front of my home. The destruction of Rydalmere park close to where I work has been detailed elsewhere and is a shocking act of environmental vandalism that refutes any hope that the banksters have the slightest regard for nature. 00 Reply


Johnny Jan 11, 2022 10:36 AM

Has Off Guardian caught the ‘virus’?
You know, that virus of censorship.
Yeah, I know some vegans can be a tad over zealous, but that’s no reason to shut them out.
Ask yourself this: Do we eat dead animals (‘meat’ is too generic) because our parents, family and friends do? Because it’s traditional ? Because it’s convenient?
None of those are valid reasons.
They’re the same reasons most people have submitted to the shots.
Strange, that. 00 Reply

May 28 round-up: Tracing system launched; Model Rolls Royce Cullinan;  Scottish lockdown plan; Pub jobs risk – Car Dealer Magazine
New Nane

New Nane Jan 11, 2022 11:04 AM Reply to  Johnny

I think it caught that virus a long time ago and more virulent variants recently. 00 Reply

Jojo Jan 11, 2022 9:16 AM

Why change the messaging now? It’s simple. They are losing control of the narrative. They could keep control when their was only one shot to take. Two shots made it more difficult but was still possible to hold on. But once boosters were added to the mix, a possible 4th shot and now Pfizer has announced that they are developing a new shot that will work with Omicron, well, there is no reasonable way to manage all these shots, who has them, who is up-to-date, does their vax cards/app record match what they claim to have taken, etc..

Then there is the real world evidence that so many vaxxed people are currently getting sick despite having taken all their shots. I see posts in all the various establishment media comment sections I visit daily. People are not happy! Despite the recent attempts to change the messaging that the shots weren’t a total immunity guarantee, that is what many people believe. Now when public health officials talk about immunity gained through the CoVax shots, hey are referring to “immunity” from going to the hospital or dying [lol], and even that still isn’t true!

Here’s an excerpt from:

Health Canada’s website states that ‘vaccines are very effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death…. However, there’s a small percentage of the population who are vaccinated that will still be infected with COVID-19 if they’re exposed to the virus.

How small a percentage? The Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed that as of November 20, 2021, in terms of vaccinations preventing Covid spread, more than 1,600 fully vaccinated Canadians have in fact contracted Covid and died. Meanwhile, there were 76,925 Covid cases among fully vaccinated Canadians and another 51,277 Covid cases among those who had received one shot.19 (This is approximately 15 percent of Canada’s total case load since the vaccination campaign began.) This, in a highly-vaccinated country in which a reported 86.7% of the population over the age of 12 is fully vaccinated.


Edwige Jan 11, 2022 9:04 AM

Maybe the simple explanation is that they need something to say the boosters and all that go with them worked.

The boosters… the science… the healthcare system… the politicians…. the media… the masks… the compliance…. we have delivered you!

If your disease is fake, so can be your cure. 10 Reply


NixonScraypes Jan 11, 2022 10:05 AM Reply to  Edwige

It’s the snake oil salesman’s paradise. Government and media advertise the fake disease and your fake cure. Wasnt Daddy Rockefeller a real lfe snake oil seller? Didn’t his spawn develop allopathic medicine and finance the allopathic doctors education and the demise of any competition? Parenthetically, didnt they form and finance the Tri Lateral Commission, of which Kier Starmer is a member and who is poised to save us from evil Tory BaronDe Piffle? 00 Reply

Lost in a dark wood

Lost in a dark wood Jan 11, 2022 8:50 AM

There has always been several factions pushing the scamdemic and this creates aspects where their agendas conflict. There are still “Zero Covid” totalitarians who want forced vaccination and to send refuseniks to re-education camps. But there are factions (Murdoch, Koch, Bannon, etc) who have other agendas; and I think it’s these who are behind the “living with covid” propaganda. With regard to the rest of us, I think the answer is to keep on exposing the lot.
Brendan O’Neill
Chief Political Writer
4th January 2022
The hell of ‘Zero Covid’
China shows just how dangerous public-health fanaticism can become.
Emma Gilland
10th January 2022
It’s time to let young people live freely
We can’t expect them to put their lives on hold forever.

It is in young people’s nature to want to socialise. Today’s youth do not fit the stereotype of the grumpy teenager holed up in his bedroom – they are keen to go out and meet people. But throughout the pandemic . . .

Etc 00 Reply


Orthus Jan 11, 2022 10:49 AM Reply to  Lost in a dark wood

Spiked? Are the Revolutionary Communist Party still revolting? Even though one of their number, “Claire Fox” luxuriates in a Boris peerage and the title Lady Warrington-Bomber? 00 Reply


NickM Jan 11, 2022 7:56 AM

“Endemic Covid-19 will be no worse than seasonal flu”.

As honest doctors have been saying since Con-19 began; with some of them losing their Licence to Practice for saying so. Corona flu (Covid) constitutes 20% of annual flu cases — always have done. Covid-19 is slightly different because some of its RNA genes were inserted as a Bioweapon, at Dr.Fauci’s Frankenstein Virus Labs for the U$ Military at Fort Detrick, Maryland and in Wuhan, China. Fortunately the U$ Frankenstein Virus Labs failed to weaponize Corona viruses enough to constitute a danger to world health when it escaped from the Frankenstein Lab at Fort Detrick. Like all flu viruses, Corona obeys the Law of Extremely Dangerous Predators; and so, like all flu viruses, it continually evolves to a less dangerous form in order to coexist with a larger population of hosts:

“Extremely dangerous predators are rare; if not, they would kill off all their prey, and have nothing left to live on”.

If “Covid-o micron” has indeed evolved to be milder than the original “Covid-19” was, then it must be a very mild flu indeed. 00 Reply


Orthus Jan 11, 2022 8:25 AM Reply to  NickM

Quite, though it is possible the virus was supposed to be harmless, having been tested on young, fit military personnel. The outbreak of a mystery illness in Maryland care homes in the summer of 2019 might have provided a clue. 00 Reply


Alcheminister Jan 11, 2022 10:55 AM Reply to  Orthus

You must be quite delusional to think covid is anything other than suggestion. 00 Reply


Brianborou Jan 11, 2022 8:39 AM Reply to  NickM

It’s strange don’t you think because the narrative is constantly pushed of it being an escaping virus, yet, not a single paper from an independent medical institution has isolated or purified the “ virus “ in a living human being. 00 Reply

New Nane

New Nane Jan 11, 2022 10:34 AM Reply to  Brianborou

There is as far as I can see no con 1984 virus. 00 Reply


Alcheminister Jan 11, 2022 10:55 AM Reply to  New Nane

And the same applies for other supposed “contagious pathogenic viruses”. They’re all bullshit suggestions. 00 Reply


Allouie Jan 11, 2022 7:45 AM

This may sound a bit off to a lot of people here, but I think this so called pandemic might be a blessing in disguise. This might just be what the world citizens needed allowing us to share the same level of consciousness.

This “pandemic” has awaken a lot of sleepy souls. Indeed a lot of people for the very first time in their lives have realised the value of democratic accountability and the constant dangers lurking around for these values to be usurped by totalitarians “with good intentions”

This might actually be the reason why they’ve toned down the rhetoric in some jurisdictions, they’ve simply realised their scheme might turn out to be an epic own goal. When this story began in March 2020, some people could barely see the exposed naked left breast of the emperor, now fast forward January 2022, most people can clearly see the emperor has no clothes. When the French President Emmanuel Macron declares live on TV that the mandatory vaccination for all major activities implemented in France is to “piss off unvaccinated people” a language no president will use, there goes your naked emperor. 00 Reply

Johan Smith

Johan Smith Jan 11, 2022 6:35 AM

All of a sudden media outlets are all touting the “of/with” topic.

This was what the supposed “conspiracy theorists”, and deplatformed scientists, and doctors (and most readers of OffG) were talking about 2 years ago and were all defamed and openly ridiculed for.

NOW it needs to be addressed??? And not even a heads-up for the people that have been arguing this point for years now! This is so insulting I am lost for words!

They are either blatantly incompetent/obtuse, or extraordinarily corrupt. This? After 2 years of hell? 10 Reply


Orthus Jan 11, 2022 7:34 AM Reply to  Johan Smith

Time for a ‘told you so’? I would add T-cell immunity.



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