Ottawa is now a Police state of the worst kind People could die due to their insanity

Did You Know

I am going to star with the press conference first.

BREAKING Ottawa press conference with Dr Roger Hodkinson, Dr Paul Alexan

Looks like the Police are creating a replay of Ice Storm 98.No heat, no hydro, no way to cook food, high possibly of freezing to death.

I was informed of something, very disturbing today.

Children could freeze. They could go hungry. They will feel hated, by the police no less.

Everyone else could suffer the same fate. One can die in the cold, rather quickly. Pretty hard to drink frozen water or eat frozen food. Starvation, hum. Dyhydration hum. Freezing to Death hm. Frost bit damage can mean loosing parts of your body. So Amputations could occur hm.

The truckers have no money as it was taken from them, now they want to take away, all the fuel for the vehicles, propane for cooking included. Can we say a…

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