Truckers Take Abuse in Ottawa but World Support takes off against COVID inspired Social Control

The protests against Covid inspired repression by truckers and their myriad supporters are still occupying downtown Ottawa, Canada’s capital, have expanded all across Canada and are now going viral worldwide, amid multiplying grievances and anti authoritarian radicalization. 

The front grille of a truck is pictured with yellow and white protest signs and stuffed toys attached to it. It sits near Parliament Hill as truckers and their supporters continue to protest COVID vaccine mandates in Ottawa

The Media campaign about a far right conspiracy has been partly discredited, with swastika carrying truckers expelled from some gatherings. But many leftwing organisations still seem ro swallow the Government Reset despite the collapsing Covid psychosis and mild Omicron variant.

Ottawa Canada, Trucker Protest

A second major US-Canada border crossing in Manitoba on Thursday was blocked by an anti-vaccine mandate protest. Car plants in Detroit are closing down for lack of supplies. Similar protests have erupted in Australia, New Zealand, and France Another from California to Washington is planned….

In Europe despite threats of prison time and heavy fines preparations continued for trucks to converge on Paris starting on Friday night, and to continue on towards Brussels on Monday.

Ottawa Canada, Trucker Protest

The Truckers Take Abuse in Ottawa: COVID Crimes Committed Behind the Cover of “Emergency Measures”

Counter Information

ByProf. Anthony J. Hall

Global Research, February 09, 2022

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In the name of a supposed health emergency, governments have assigned to themselves all sorts of new powers. This state of emergency was deemed to be a necessary requirement to facilitate the fight against the spread of the supposedly new coronavirus. To this daythe government claims the existence of a dire health emergency on the basis of alleged evidence that has never been subjected to a thoroughgoing judicial evaluation in court. Seethis.

These claims of emergency have never been seriously spelled out, let alone proven, in front of judges. Hence our judges have shown themselves to be unequal to the responsibilities of defending the rule of law when it is most subject to severe attack. Just when we needed fair and balanced arbitration the most…

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