Freedom Convoy Truckers still Defying Bridge Deadline— LIVE-FEED VIDEO– Vote to Defy Justin Trudeau –

Freedom Convoy Truckers Vote to Defy Justin Trudeau — Government Threatens Arrests — LIVE-FEED VIDEO – Nwo Report February 11, 2022

Source: Jim Hoft

The Freedom Convoy Truckers voted on Friday to defy Justin Trudeau and the government’s 7 PM deadline and will continue their protest on the Windsor Bridge.

The government is threatening to clear the bridge, fine the truckers and take their licenses.

Ottawa temps to drop to -22C tonight

The Daily Mail reported. .. Protesters blocking the Ambassador Bridge on Friday night decided to defy a deadline of 7pm to clear the route, setting themselves up for a showdown with police after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that ‘everything is on the table’ to end the Freedom Convoy demonstrations after speaking directly with President Joe Biden.

Protesters at the bridge on Friday

Canada Live Updates: Injunction to Clear Key Bridge at U.S. Border Takes Effect

A Canadian court on Friday issued the injunction to end the blockade at the key bridge connecting Windsor, Ontario with Detroit, setting up a potential showdown between police and protesters when the 7pm deadline arrives.

The front grille of a truck is pictured with yellow and white protest signs and stuffed toys attached to it. It sits near Parliament Hill as truckers and their supporters continue to protest COVID vaccine mandates in Ottawa

Ontario Superior Court Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz granted the injunction on Friday evening, which will last for 10 days and means that blocking the bridge is unlawful.

Despite Court Order, Canada Protesters Are Still Blocking Key Border Bridge

New York Swines

Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario, earlier on Friday said his cabinet will enact orders to make it illegal to block borders and highways and will impose CA $100,000 ($78,000) fines and prison terms for those who defy them.

Protesters seemed undeterred at critical bridge to US hours past a deadline set by a Canadian judge


Ottawa Canada, Trucker Protest

Trudeau claimed that the protest is being fueled by political activists in the United States, and said that more than 50 percent of donations to campaigns to support the protesters came from the U.S., which he referred to as ‘foreign financing’ of the protests.

TRENDING: ’80 percent of serious cases are Vaccinated’

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