Daily Peace Talks/Evacuations/Local ceasefires.. Civilians escape Mariupol !-Esp/Eng

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Victory!.. Nazi forces ‘eradicated in most areas of Mariupiol’…From Moscow they denounced that the neo-Nazis use the ceasefire to regroup their forces and use civilians as a “human shield”.

14 Mar 2022 tenacarlitos info RT en Español – by Victor Antonyuk / Sputnik .. translation The Free

Likewise, from the Russian ministry they announced the sending of humanitarian convoys, the first of which arrived in Mariúpol with 450 tons of medicines, basic necessities and food, including baby food..

‘Without liberating Mariupol the war could never end’. Mariupol is a mainly ethnic Russian port city next to Donetsk which was colonised for years by the notorious pro Hitler Azov batallion incorporated into the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Russian Defense Ministry declared on Monday that the operation to liberate Mariupol from Ukrainian neo-Nazi fighters has managed to open humanitarian corridors and begin the evacuation of civilians from the city.

Food water…

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