Disgusting European neo-fascist groups meet in Madrid on Saturday with calls to stop the “invasion” of Ukrainian refugees

Bilbao21/03/2022 Actualizado: from Público.es shared with thanks by Danilo Albin@Danialri

European Nazi parties united in the “Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF)” will meet this Saturday in the Spanish capital.

Far-right protesters at an event organized by the National Democracy party in October 2021 in Barcelona. — Marti Segura Ramoneda / EUROPE PRESS

Falangist Manuel Andrino, in third degree after being sentenced for the assault on the Blanquerna bookstore, will speak at the meeting. There will also be representation from Forza Nuova or the German NPD, among others.

The message of hate from the European far right will resound this Saturday in Madrid and, from there, it will be amplified by the networks of various xenophobic groups across the continent. Neo-fascists, declared supporters of Adolf Hitler and defenders of Franco’s dictatorship will conspire against the “threats” that persecute, according to their theories, the Europe of the whites.

Despite what its name indicates, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) is a coalition of extreme right-wingers that overflows with love for totalitarianism in each of its corners. The discourse against immigration, the vindication of outmoded imperial ideas and devotion to genocide are some of the traits shared by its members.

The APF is made up of far-right organizations from a dozen countries, including two Spanish political formations: Democracia Nacional and La Falange, whose top officials were convicted of the assault on the Blanquerna Cultural Center in September 2013.

In fact, the leader of the DN, Pedro Chaparro, is now in jail for his participation in that attack, while the leader of La Falange, Manuel Andrino, entered prison last December and is already in the third degree.

La neonazi Isabel Peralta durante una manifestación en Madrid, a 27 de febrero de 2021. —

As announced by the organizers, Andrino will be one of the speakers at the APF congress, which will include a press conference and a political rally, open to far-right sympathizers. The poster indicates that all this will take place in the events room, located very close to the Royal Palace.

However, from the management of that meeting space they pointed out to Público that in said facilities there was no reservation for that rally on Saturday, and they even assured that they would contact Democracia Nacional to request that they withdraw the address that appears on the poster. spread on social media.

“They are not Ukrainians!”

Among the guests are some of the main leaders of the European neo-fascist environment. This is the case of Yvan Benedetti, leader of the French Nationalist Party (PNF). It is a formation that shows a profound anti-Semitism, also bathed in hatred towards migrants, something that it shares with the rest of the participating organizations.

Así se posiciona la ultraderecha española en el conflicto entre Rusia y Ucrania This is how the Spanish far-right positions itself in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

“Stop this new disguised invasion of our country, France for the French!” Benedetti proclaimed on March 10 on his Telegram channel. Along these lines, he stressed that the arrival of Ukrainian war refugees “cannot take the form of a new invasion of migrants disguised as a humanitarian operation”, while stressing that “30% of the Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in France. .. they are not Ukrainians!”

A few days earlier, the secretary of the Organization of National Democracy, Gonzalo Martín, also alluded to an “avalanche of migration from Ukraine,” according to what Democracia Nacional highlighted on its website.

This is how the Spanish far-right positions itself in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine
Daniel Albin

italian fascists

From France, Yvan Benedetti has confirmed via Twitter that he will be at the far-right summit in Madrid on Saturday. “Freedom for all nationalists,” he says in that text, thus alluding to the far-right leaders who are in prison.

Also on that list today is the leader of Forza Nuova (FN), Roberto Fiore, who was arrested for his participation in the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL union in Rome. His party, of Mussolinian inspiration, will be represented at the Madrid event by Stefano Saija, one of the founders of FN in Turin who has been investigated by the justice system for advocating fascism.
Griffin and the ‘nipsters’

The coordination of far-right groups at European level also includes the participation of Nick Griffin, one of the few members of the AFP who can boast of having enjoyed an office paid for with large amounts of money.

Public ro: the former leader of the British Nationalist Party (BNP) came to occupy a seat in the European Parliament.

European future
Nazi associations and parties roam freely in Spain protected by current laws
Daniel Albin

Griffin was expelled from the BNP in 2014 as a result of an internal confrontation, after which he has maintained his contacts with ultra leaders from other European countries. He is now one of the star guests at this Saturday’s event in Madrid.

Ultraderechistas ucranianos que actúan en España difunden imágenes de maniobras con armas y simbología nazi Ukrainian far-rightists operating in Spain spread images of maneuvers with weapons and Nazi symbology

The summit will also include the participation of the German NPD, a neo-Nazi party that flees from the “skinhead” aesthetic and has earned the definition of ‘nipster’, a term that defines ultra-right hipsters. Beyond fashion, the truth is that the NPD has been linked to Nazi strongholds such as “Freier Kameradschaften” (Free Camaraderie), with a clear Hitlerian vocation.
Heirs of Golden Dawn

Currently, the AFP coalition serves as a platform and meeting place with groups from other parts of Europe, such as ELASYN, a Greek neo-Nazi formation created by former members of Golden Dawn. One of its leaders, Yiannis Zografos, will take part in the event in Madrid.

The founder and leader of ELASYN, Yannis Lagós, came to hold the position of MEP in the splendor of Golden Dawn. Today he is in jail for leading a criminal organization.

At the congress held on September 25 and 26, 2021 in Belgrade, the AFP named Lagós as honorary president for “his sacrifice and willingness to continue the fight while he is in prison.” This Saturday they will be able to honor him from Madrid.


Svoboda entrenando

Entrenamientos del grupo juvenil ucraniano publicadas en la cuenta de Facebook de Svoboda en Eapaña // Training sessions of the Ukrainian youth group published on the Facebook account of Svoboda in Eapaña

The leader of Svoboda in Spain has links in different areas of the Spanish extreme right.According to data compiled by this newspaper, his contacts include the neo-Nazi organization Hogar Social Madrid and La Falange. In fact, on his Facebook profile there are photographs of Falangist acts and tributes to the Spaniards who fought alongside the Nazis in the Blue Division.

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