Why do the “vaccinated” want a WAR with Russia, while the “unvaccinated” don’t?

More aggressive.. and , why not, more STUPID. 20% of the Covid vaxxed complain, if ever asked, of BRAIN FOG. Despite denials by the “Billion-Lies MSM” it’s long accepted that the spike protein created by vaccines escapes to all our organs and breaks the barrier into our BRAINS.

Stupider, more insecure perhaps, and more likely to follow the herd, even if it implies vaccinating our kids, even if it implies World War Three and the incineration of our children.

‘I Feel Like I Have Dementia’: Brain Fog

If the multi-vaxxed are angrier and stupider we must demand that ALL people in Authority comply with basic emotional and intellectual Intelligence tests before continuing to entrust our lives and futures to them. Our world is falling into multiple avoidable crises, perhaps partly caused by old aggressive leaders with Brain Fog.

These are 2 more devastating and often permanent symptoms of Covid-19 vaccines that the criminal, now billionaire, vaccine scammers should be made to pay for.


A poll in Canada confirms that those injections have made people more belligerent, which could have catastrophic consequences for us all

Mark Crispin Miller Mar 21 163 likes 149 comments

They’ve been trying from the start of this long global nightmare to equate compliance with benevolence.

Throughout 2020, they told us, inescapably, that putting on a mask (or two, or three) made you a Good Person (“Wearing is caring”); and then, throughout 2021, they told us, inescapably, that “vaccination” was (to quote the horrible Bergoglio) “an act of love.”

So that the kindliest and most considerate of us were those who’d had as many jabs as possible.

Conversely, they portrayed the “anti-maskers” as a danger to us all, not just because they’d surely kill us (or at least “kill Grandma”) with their fatal exhalations, but, on top of that, because of their combustible “far-right” hostility to anyone—bus drivers, security guards—who dared to tell them what to do.

The propaganda fostering that canard then took to casting “anti-vaxxers” as hideously selfish animals, utterly indifferent to the huge (imaginary) risk they pose to those who did get jabbed—a claim as obviously false as it was (and is) scientifically absurd.

Mark Farris: Brain fog from vaccine needs to be addressed

I call it “obviously false” because, outside the fever-dream “reported” daily by the media, it’s always been the other way around.

All along, it’s been the maskers who have readily abused the “anti-maskers,” and then it was the “vaccinated” who chastised (or worse) those choosing, for whatever reason, not to get injected.

And, of course, it was the latter, not the former, who, while getting pelted with such sanctimonious denunciation, have also been excluded, isolated, silenced, censored, fired, de-licensed, fined and even jailed, or involuntarily committed, either for refusing to get jabbed, or for merely questioning the wisdom, or the consequences, of the “vaccination” program.

And then we’ve also heard, and some of us have seen, a certain darkening of personality among the “vaccinated,” or some of them—a marked new nastiness, intolerance, explosiveness, as if those “vaccines” were laced with choler, or its nanotechnological equivalent. I for one have been attacked insanely, out of nowhere, by the recently injected; and others have reported the same thing.

That history of nastiness against the non-compliant is the context in which we should now check out, and share, these poll results from Canada:

Vaccines and Functional Neurological Disorder

Wave of armed violence continues to rise in #USA

The US media today warned about the continued escalation of armed violence occurring in the country . This Monday, a shooting in Mobile, Alabama, interrupted a vigil that was being held in honor of two people who were killed with firearms in the territory last Friday near a shopping center…

According to reports, Friday’s incident occurred around the same time as another violent altercation that occurred on a busy Mobile avenue, in which one person was killed…Separately, one man was killed and at least 27 others were injured in a shooting at a car show in Dumas, Arkansas, on Saturday night.

Among the injured are at least six children – the youngest is just 19 months old – who were taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock…

Continúa en ascenso oleada de violencia armada en #EE.UU. — Alma Cubanita


Some actual reporting from Mariupol, under fire by Ukrainian forces (and more about the Nazis over there)Please watch and read all this, and share it far and wide, while it’s still (barely) legal

In memory of those who have “died suddenly” worldwide, March 22-28″Sudden deaths” all over Europe, India and Australia, among other places, with some especially macabre “adverse events” throughout the UK and in…

In memory of those who have “died suddenly” in the United States, March 22-28Four musicians (including Taylor Hawkins), four public servants, two students (who both “died suddenly” at school), and—among all too many…

Pfizer has a plan to MURDER doctors who’ve been talking up safe early COVID remedies, according to Dr. Zelenko (who’s been warned to hire…Such honest healers are impeding Big Pharma’s “Final Solution”—i.e., to get EVERYBODY not just jabbed, but also taking Dr. Fauci’s poisonous remdesevir…

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