Severe Hepatitis spreads among Children: Experimental Covid Vaccines Suspected

Cases of acute hepatitis of ‘unknown origins’ in children have been reported in the UK as well as multiple EU nations

Dozens of Children Develop Hepatitis in Europe and US, Experts aren’t Sure Why FILE PHOTO. © Global Look Press / moodboard / David Oxberry

Multiple cases of acute hepatitis in children have been reported in Europe over the past few days, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said in a statement on Monday.

The UK was the first to report the issue and had accumulated the most cases to date, the watchdog noted. All the cases in Britain were “presented clinically with severe acute hepatitis, with increased levels of liver enzymes,” while some of the patients also “reported gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting in the preceding weeks.”

COMMENT, from Victor-Victoria Say no more…..-RNA COVID vaccines. The chromosomes in the liver can incorporate viral DNA from Hep B and Hep C leading to chronic disease. DNA as a by product of vaccination with m-RNA vaccines has already been detected by scientists in the liver.

“Following the reports of cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin by the UK Health Security Agency, additional cases in children have been reported in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain,” the ECDC stated.

Live chat replay 1,606,412 views Streamed live on 26 Feb 2022 LIKES 42K An accepted and published Swedish study demonstrates for the first time the presence of Pfizer-BionTech vaccine DNA in the cell. It is reverse transcribed by LINE-1 proteins of the cells. //

In addition, nine cases of acute hepatitis among children ages one to six have been found in the US state of Alabama, the watchdog said. The transatlantic cases have also tested positive for adenovirus and it was not immediately clear whether or not they are somehow related to the European outbreak.

The origins of acute hepatitis are still unknown and the ECDC along with local specialists are currently running various tests to establish the reasons behind the outbreak. “Investigations are ongoing in all countries reporting cases. At present, the exact cause of hepatitis in these children remains unknown,” the watchdog said.

Rise in cases of acute hepatitis among children in West and Europe. | Newsgram

COMMENT from Bella: Most likely because of the vax and they’re refusing to admit the truth.

A UK incident team investigating the cases has suggested that they might have been caused by “an infectious agent or a possible toxic exposure.” The investigators have already ruled out possibilities that the outbreak might be linked to coronavirus vaccines, since the children infected had little in common altogether.

“No link to the COVID-19 vaccine was identified and detailed information collected through a questionnaire to cases about food, drink and personal habits failed to identify any common exposure,” the ECDC stated.

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COMMENT from Roald …. I would for sure not exclude adverse event due to Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines injected in innocent children.
Why do I say so? Well, none of the cases currently under investigation involve any of the common viruses that cause hepatitis, further suggesting that COVID jabs are the culprit.
On top of that, Pfizer’s own study shows mRNA chemicals accumulate in liver, cause hepatitis.

For sure. Since mRNA injections will probably never even get a mention as a possible cause, these government agencies will spin their wheels while never producing an honest result. Such is the nature of government.

Never mind that research conducted by Pfizer, one of the two pharmaceutical corporations that produces mRNA injections – the other is Moderna – shows that spike proteins from the injections circulate throughout the body and end up concentrating in the liver.


Hepatitis of ‘unknown origins’ spreads
Spike Protein Goes to the Liver – Undercurrents › 20…….. SpikeProtein Goes to the Liver Dr Mobeen Syed Pfizer-BionTech Vaccine DNA in Liver Cell Nucleus (In-vitro Swedish Study) An accepted and published Swedish study demonstrates for the first time the presence of Pfizer-BionTech vaccine DNA in the nucleus. It is reverse transcribed by LINE-1 proteins of the cells.

Pfizer Confirms Covid-Vaccinated People Can “Shed” Spike … › 2022 › 01 › 22 › pfizer-confirms……1.) pass through the “blood-brain barrier” causing neurological damage, 2.) be “shed” by the vaccinated, bringing about sickness in unvaccinated children and adults, and 3.) cause irregular vaginal bleeding in women. In their latest issue brief, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Source image: Internet

Bombshell Study: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Into Liver … › 2022 › 03 › 04 › 230798…… (Courtesy of NIAID/RML) Autoimmune Disorders The Swedish study also found spikeproteins expressed on the surface of the liver cells that researchers say may be targeted by the immune system and possibly cause autoimmune hepatitis, as “there [have] been case reports on individuals who developed autoimmune hepatitis after BNT162b2 vaccination.”

New Study: mRNA Vaccines Alter Human Liver DNA In Vitro … › new……. Transfection of spikeprotein into the nucleus opens the possibility of DNA modification, the authors wrote. mRNA Vaccines Effect on “Genomic Integrity” Should Be Studied “At this stage, we do not know if DNA reverse transcribed from BNT162b2 is integrated into the cell genome,” the authors wrote.

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