Swedish Women’s section of Social Democrats resists joining US-led NATO terrorist military bloc

Sweden’s ruling party divided on NATO

Women’s section of Social Democrats reportedly wants to stay out of US-led military bloc

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Sweden’s ruling political party is reportedly divided on whether to join NATO, as the women’s wing of the Social Democrats has called for keeping the country militarily neutral.

Annika Strandhall, the country’s climate and environment minister, told Stockholm newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that the women’s faction of the party opposes joining NATO. The faction has “a long history and struggle in matters concerning peace, disarmament, détente and military freedom of alliance,” said Strandhall, who is federal board chair of the women’s wing.

We in the federal board have decided to remain in line with our congressional decisions that Sweden should be militarily non-aligned and stand outside NATO.

Strandhall’s comments mark the first major political pushback against a proposal for Sweden to apply for membership of NATO and they come shortly before an assessment on the country’s security policy that is due out by May 13. The coalition government is scheduled to decide on the issue by May 24, following issuance of a position paper by the foreign ministry.

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Another key figure in the Riksdag, Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson, said last month that he will recommend that his right-wing opposition party advocate joining NATO if neighboring Finland applies for membership of the alliance.

Akesson has long opposed giving up Sweden’s military independence, as have most Swedes, but public opinion began to shift sharply after Russia launched its military offensive against Ukraine in February.

Finnish-Russian Border – Pohjoiseen

Riding on meddia hysteria over Russia’s defense by attack of ethnic Russians in Donbass, Finland is set to ram through agreement to join NATO next week.

The plan is to avoid even a parliamentary vote on Finnish NATO membership, never mind a referendum. Finland has an 800km border with Russia, a goldmine for the US military industrial complex. .

NATO membership will allow the US to set up its military bases, mount nuclear weapons on Finnish owned US jets, and install nuclear missiles, counter missiles, Rapid Response Forces, etc. to further threaten Russia.

Swedish and Finnish NATO membership will make them of necessity targets for a desperate preemptive nuclear Russian first strike..

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