Weapons sent to the Ukrainian frontline by the ‘generous’ NATO are going to the black market instead

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Even before the US backed coup in 2014 Ukraine was one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Under the new regime, backed by the IMF, World Bank and the EU things went from shocking to disastrous, with billionaires and politicians openly laundering their criminal gains.

While the poor suffered and the angry nazis thrived and massacred ethnic Donbass Russians, the local and western elite treated the country as a chaotic capitalist casino.

Now we have Martial Law, all opposition banned or jailed, Russian bombing of the military and infrastructure, and at the same time gigantic imports of guns, rockets, artillery, tanks, ammunition, .. as well as civilian aid.

While patriotic soldiers and conscripts go to their horrid deaths amid martial music and 24/7 propaganda, others realize that war against Russia was lost from the beginning, but can go on indefinitely to boost the mega corrupt US military/industrial complex.

In this scenario the US senate has agreed to print the money and pump $40,000.000.000 of “aid” into the Ukrainian monetary ‘black hole’, to cynically reward themselves and the profiteers, while expanding the conflagration and ditching the EU economy

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Weapons sent to the Ukrainian frontline by the magnaminous NATO are going to the black market instead

What is happening with the huge arms shipments sent by NATO countries to Ukraine? It is not known. The only thing that is certain is that nothing has been reaching the front line for some weeks now.

Some sources suspect that the weapons are feeding the black market and Moscow has recently seen an example: a Swedish rocket launcher that was part of the military aid to the Ukrainian army exploded in a private vehicle parked in a residential neighbourhood of Moscow.

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According to initial investigations by the Russian police, the owner of the vehicle had bought it in the Donbas after it had been recovered from abandoned Ukrainian positions and had taken it back to Moscow “as a souvenir”.

The Polish police point out that many European weapons that should have been on the front line, i.e. in eastern Ukraine and the Donbas, have not reached beyond western Ukraine and are even on Polish soil in the hands of criminals.

Weapons delivered to the Ukrainian army have been stolen and handed over to criminal gangs by the Azov-like “Territorial Defence battalions”. More than one Ukrainian fortune is rapidly fattening from uncontrolled arms trafficking.

Perhaps Sweden itself can see, after joining NATO, what criminals are capable of when they have good weapons of war. The Swedish government, or any other NATO government, should start thinking about what it will say to the families of the people who will soon die as a result of the “aid” given to Ukraine.

They didn’t know… They did it with the best of intentions… It’s Ukraine’s fault….

The best thing to do is to start looking for the location of all those mountains of weapons that have n

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