You are right to feel that something is not right.You are right to feel that you are being manipulated.

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There has been a concerted effort, through governments and organisations globally, to implement a campaign of fear amongst the population.

Specific narratives have been executed to establish a global culture of irrational fear, blame, compliance, conformity, collectivism, scapegoating and a distrust of data coming from non-government sanctioned sources.

Censorship and denigration of both individuals and data – even government sourced, is deemed unacceptable if not aligned with narratives being amplified by mainstream media, social media platforms and TV programming.

You are right to feel that something is not right.

You are right to feel that you are being manipulated.

Behavioural Science is a field of psychology used to change behaviour and views by influencing and nudging the unconscious mind. Teams are engaged by governments and institutions globally with the prime purpose of altering your decisions and behaviours.

But you can break the chains and set your decision-making free.

Ethics Statement for the “Breaking the Chains” Campaigns

We believe this is wrong. 

The PANDA Counter Psyops team consists of behavioural scientists, psychologists, public health experts, educationalists, social workers, and other professionals, who have created a body of work that brings conscious thought to areas where there may be inconsistency of values and beliefs.—–

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