FDA abandons Science for $50 billion. New compulsory mRNA boosters will be UNTESTED – Joseph Mercola

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola – Fact Checked… via thefreeonline

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In a rather shocking turn of events, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has sneaked in a “Future Framework”1 scheme that will allow Pfizer and Moderna to reformulate and release updated COVID shots without conducting any additional human clinical trials, other than what’s already been done.

Soon to be 100% mandated, 100% untested and 10,000% profitable

“Pfizer and Moderna have a problem — their mRNA COVID-19 shots do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, nor death from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Everyone knows this … Pfizer and Moderna are making about $50 billion a year on these shots and they want that to continue.

The idea, coming via the WHO and Gates, is to give a new and permanent Pot of Gold for Covid and other vaccines.

And this DESPITE their vaccines being proven not to work, not to prevent, not to stop contagion, destroy natural immunity, cause horrific adverse reactions and long term AIDS and ADE, etc… and also to mutate much faster than variant boosters can be made and tested.

see also.. Endemic Corruption: FDA Panel Votes to Drop Clinical Trials for New COVID Boosters to multiply Pharma profits

They sneaked it in, knowing that almost all the members are corrupted by big Pharma.. A Coup that will destroy adequate safety testing finally for all vaccines worldwide.

Apparently the FDA did not have the votes to just pass this “Future Framework” scam as a policy question. If you ask anyone whether reformulated mRNA represents a new molecular entity, well of course it is, so that would require formal regulatory review.
Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines May Increase Risk of Infection, Study Shows •

What the FDA did instead was to smuggle the policy question in disguised as a vote about reformulated ‘boosters’ for the fall (US autumn).

In essence, the FDA just started doing the Future Framework (picking variants willy nilly, skipping clinical trials) and essentially dared the committee members to turn down a booster dose — knowing that all of the VRBPAC members are hand-picked because they’ve never met a vaccine they did not like.

The now adopted “Future Framework” will almost certainly guarantee that future COVID shots be less effective and/or more dangerous, because adding more mRNA (to cover more variants) will result in higher adverse event rates, and less mRNA per variant will lower any effectiveness.

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of examples of how vaccine trials are being rigged, and that the “Future Framework” is an extreme expansion and formalization of that rigging.

So to get a new vaccine legalized and mandatory in future you will just have to take an existing one, (even if, as with Covid the mRNA vaccines are still experimental) add any ingredients you like, and with suitable ‘funding’ the FDA will approve it under the ‘Future Framework’. Then the WHO will have the power to make it mandatory worldwide…

Have these people no shame? No ethics? no human compassion?

Read the full article, which is hugely more compelling than this summary HERE

How Vaccine Trials Routinely Rig the Results

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

July 08, 2022Download PDF

read HERE

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Endemic Corruption: FDA Panel Votes to Drop Clinical Trials for New COVID Boosters to multiply Pharma profits

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