Heat Kills over 1,000 in Portugal and Spain in last 10 days , as Wave sweeps North – English /Spanish

Climate crisis leaves serious consequences in Spain

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Although the heat wave decreased slightly in Spain yesterday, it was only in the West and temporary as forest fires and record high temperatures continue with no end in sight. Climate studies show Spain sliding into the ‘Saharan Hell’.

#IFPontdeVilomara July 13 2022 A firefighter barely escaped, his clothing in flames

The heatwave split in two, with half of it racing north over France, briefly the UK,Netherlands Germany and Scandinavia, leaving a trail of new record highs and devastating fires behind it.

In Spain, 360 people have already died due to high temperatures since July 10. A figure that rises to 659 in Portugal. In these two countries, temperatures reached 46 degrees.

Air is still drifting northward from the ‘Saharan Hell’, with temperatures in Cordoba, Anadalucia, forecast over 40C max, every day for the next 14 days at least.

The possible impact on non-forest assets and smoke on the population are the most noticeable consequences of the incident, which are added to thirty scattered in different regions of the Iberian nation.


On Tuesday, the mobilization of aerial and terrestrial devices was necessary to try to extinguish a forest fire declared at noon in the municipality of Valdepeñas de la Sierra (Guadalajara) and that reached level two.

On the other hand, the lack of rain caused a significant decrease in water in reservoirs in Spain to 24,260 cubic hectometres, which represents a drop of 1.2 percent compared to last week, to place the Spanish water reserve at 43 .2 percent of its full capacity.

Little or no precipitation is also an element of alarm, according to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

Guadalquivir, at 26.4 percent of its capacity; Guadiana, at 27.5, and Guadalete-Barbate, at 29.9, are the most impacted basins.

In keeping with this phenomenon, the Government approved this Tuesday the Strategic Guidelines on Water and Climate Change, a strategy that seeks to protect the vital liquid against meteorological adversities.

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, told the press that “we are seeing periods of high drought and at the same time the greatest floods in our history are taking place.”

Rodríguez in a press conference after the Council of Ministers pointed out that the executive also addressed measures to mitigate heat waves and prevent fires.

More than 500 people have died in Spain in the last 10 days as a result of a second heat wave, which apparently ended Wednesday, the thermometers are set to soar again.

The State Meteorological Agency commented that the values ​​reached during the last days throughout the peninsula are calculated between 39 and 45 degrees Celsius.

Crisis climática deja graves secuelas en España

Posted on julio 19, 2022 by ELCOMUNISTA.NET in ECOLOGÍA, MEDIO AMBIENTE, ESPAÑA / 0 Comments

Aunque la ola de calor descendió hoy ligeramente en España, las secuelas de la crisis climática mantienen tensiones por incendios forestales y elevadas temperaturas.

Este martes fue necesaria la movilización de dispositivos aéreos y terrestres para intentar extinguir un incendio forestal declarado al mediodía en el término municipal de Valdepeñas de la Sierra (Guadalajara) y que alcanzó nivel dos.

La posible afección a bienes de naturaleza no forestal y por humo a la población, son las consecuencias más perceptibles del siniestro, que se suman a una treintena dispersos en distintas regiones de la nación ibérica.

Ola de calor en España deja 360 personas muertas y temperaturas de hasta 46 grados

Por otro lado, la falta de lluvias provocó una disminución sensible del agua en embalses en España hasta los 24 mil260 hectómetros cúbicos, lo que supone una bajada de 1,2 por ciento respecto a la semana pasada, para colocar la reserva hídrica española al 43,2 por ciento de su capacidad total.

Pocas o ninguna precipitación es también un elemento de alarma, según indicó el Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico.

Guadalquivir, al 26,4 por ciento de su capacidad; Guadiana, al 27,5, y la de Guadalete-Barbate, al 29,9, son las cuencas más impactadas.

Roast Eagle.. This bird was blamed for starting a massive fire.
Roast Eagle.. This bird was blamed for starting a massive fire.

A tono con este fenómeno, el Gobierno aprobó este martes las Orientaciones Estratégicas sobre Agua y Cambio Climático, una estrategia que busca proteger el líquido vital frente a las adversidades meteorológicas.

La ministra de Política Territorial y portavoz del Gobierno, Isabel Rodríguez, dijo a la prensa que “estamos viendo periodos de alta sequía y al mismo tiempo se están produciendo las mayores inundaciones de nuestra historia».

Rodríguez en una rueda de prensa tras el Consejo de Ministros apuntó que igualmente el ejecutivo abordó medidas para paliar las olas de calor y prevenir los incendios.

TRANSLATION OF TWEET: Sierra de Mijas in Alhaurin el Grande. Spain sending money and weapons to the Ukraine, while here people have to put out the fires by hand, if they don’t want to lose their forests.

Más de 500 personas fallecieron en España en los últimos 10 días como consecuencia de una segunda ola de calor, que aparentemente termina si bien mañana miércoles volverán a subir los termómetros.

La Agencia Estatal de Meteorología comentó que los valores alcanzados durante los últimos días en toda la península se calculan entre 39 y 45 grados Celsios.

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