Covid> How Billions of Lies Unravelling! As plotters plan Total Control

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Sunday Roundup Aug 1st to 14th ✨

The COVID story everyone should be talking about! 🥳

Global Covid Narrative Collapsing:

Mandatory vaccines illegal in Costa Rica ( (interview details . Watch here ( Rica’s President speaks out against vaccine mandates (here (

Los Angeles schools ditch ( Covid-19 protocols, including masks.

School Covid-19 vaccine mandates not happening ( across USA.

23 U.S. state attorneys tell court CDC cannot set transit mask rules (

CDC changes Covid guidelines, ending quarantine for unvaccinated (

NZ borders fully reopen as Covid-19 travel restrictions end (

Norwegian cruises drop Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ requirement (

Denmark ends Covid ‘vaccine’ for anyone ( 18 or younger.

Fox News declares ( Covid vaccine is the most dangerous ever.

Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ injuries being compensated around the world (

Japanese surgeon calls for suspension ( of Covid boosters.

Italy’s medical agency declares ( can return to work.

First Covid vaccine plant in Africa closes without a single order (

Largely unvaccinated Niger, Africa: no Covid cases and deaths ( OZ.

Growing Movement for Freedom:

Thousands of Germans demonstrate in Berlin ( to end Covid-19 ‘vaccine’.

Kim Iversen quits The Hill’s show Rising ( as cannot ask Dr. Fauci Qs.

College football coach files $25 million claim against Washington (

OZ govt. ends Covid campaign as millions lose interest in injections (

40 doctors speaking out on the right side of history ( to stop the shots.

Unvaccinated Canadian GO Transit & UPX workers called back due to staff shortages and legal actions (

U.S. Coast Guard members sue ( Federal Government over vaccine.

Awake Canada promise the biggest Canadian convoy ( ever in Sept.

99.96% of Israelis say no ( Covid vaccine for babies and toddlers.

Trust in the CDC hits an all-time low as U.S. parents say ( ‘Not for My Child.’

U.S. student vaccine mandates die ( 97% of parents lose interest.

Inspirational Covid-related Media:

Neil Oliver Wakes Up ( episode with Dr. Tess Lawrie.

Special GB Thinker: Dr Anne O’Reilly from NZDSOS ( speaks out.

Letter taken from a well educated nurse ( about Covid ‘vaccine.’

Vaccine Injured healthcare worker speaks from the heart (

DeSantis explains the moment ( knew Covid was a fraud.

David Icke is bonkers ( (sarcasm). We’ve known that since 1995.

Fear as a weapon, and practical strategies ( to deal with fear.

Fear for Monkeypox? Stand up and say NO to the next plandemic (

Healing & Community is Strength:

“Before You Inject Your Child” – Dr. Malone warns all parents (

Frontline GP’s 99.95% success rate ( treating 3,000 C19 patients.

People in fear and people in anger only cause more pain ( each other.

Remember to take a break in nature with friends (

Remember music, relaxation, creativity, smiling and good times (

15 experts Lead Your Life Through Covid ( free event by Health Matters.

Breath Awareness meditation. Peace and freedom starts with the breath (

CPN origin story ( We’ve reached 24,000 subs. That’s insane!

Fellow critical thinking tutor reaches out to Robito. We are many (!

Classroom Earth and our purpose ( in these Covid times.

Parallel Better World Debate:

Declines in fertility post Covid-19 vaccine are temporary ( No to fear.

OZ doctors building an alternative medical association ( (AMPS).

U.S.-based React19 offers global support ( for the vaccine injured.

Americans ditch the fake two-party system ( for medical freedom.

How we can move from this abusive system and unify ( with Caroline Pover.

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Nurturing a Positive focus optimises our ability to think, feel, heal and act (

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