Bird Flu Detected In Cetaceans For First Time As Dolphin And Porpoise Test Positive

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The sick mammals were found in Florida and Sweden and are both thought to have died from the disease.


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clockSep 12, 2022 9:52 AM

porpoise bird flu
The porpoise (not pictured) was alive when it was found but later died. Image credit: Matauw /

For the first time ever, wild cetaceans have tested positive foravian flu, also known asbird flu. The contagious disease typically infects wild aquatic birds and domestic poultry, but a recent and particularly virulent strain has been popping up in a widerange of species, including a dolphin in Florida and a porpoise in Sweden.Top ArticlesThe People Who Claim That They Found Noah's ArkREAD MOREWhat's Up With This "Underwater Waterfall" In Mauritius?READ MORE“Velociraptors Of The Sea” Show Off Synchronized Hunting Techniques In Incredible VideoBizarre "Blue Goo" Found Lurking In The Ocean Has Marine Scientists StumpedAlternative To COVID-19 Vaccines Neutralizes All Known Strains, Including OmicronThe Royal Bees Have Been Informed Of The Queen's Death. Really.What’s Up With This “Underwater Waterfall”In Mauritius?

The world’s first case of bird flu in a porpoise was detected after a male stranded on a beach in Sweden back in June. It…

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