Anarchist Bookfair in London today Sept 17, 2022

Freedom News, Sep 17th via thefreeonline

Antiuniversity X Anarchist Bookfair in London 2022

Friends, comrades and co-conspirators, welcome to the 2022 Anarchist Bookfair in London. Once again, as part of Antiuniversity.

The Bookfair is happening today, Saturday, 17th of September.

It will be a day packed with Anarchist literature, books, zines, discussions, workshops, culture, mischief and shenanigans.

The Bookfair itself will happen at Bishopsgate Institute. This is located opposite the main entrance of Liverpool Street Train Station. Stalls will be scattered between the Main Hall, The Courtyard, The Gross Room and The Studio. There will also be a limited display of some of their archives in the library.

Series of discussions will be taking place in Toynbee Hall and Whitechapel Gallery, both are approximately 10 minutes walk away.

There will be a Zine Fest in Angel Alley outside Freedom Bookshop, as well as poetry reading in the evening.

There is also going to be a small crèche located in Decentre, above Freedom Bookshop, with a programme of kids activities. please get in touch ASAP if you plan to come with kids.

Dissident Island and Radio Ava crews will provide a coverage of the Bookfair, so tune in if you can’t come in person.

There will of course be various parties and after parties, on the evening and throughout the night around the city.

And just to sweeten the deal, unrelated to everything, Decolonise Fest is also happening on the weekend, so check them out while you’re in town.

Please see our accessibility assessment if you have any accessibility concerns.

Please come wearing black to show due respect to the passing of her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second 😉


The Bookfair is free and open to everyone. All are welcome!

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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Previous bookfairs’ workshops are available here: (PeerTube).

anarchistbookfairlondon (at)

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