Evil Protection Racket threatens our Lives! – Organising against next NATO summit in Madrid on June 29 and 30.

via mpr21.info shared with thanks.. May 7, 2022

note: of course there’s no need to wait till 29th June to protest the war. The way things are going they may have blown up the planet by then!

NATO is a terrorist organization that has been devastating countries for decades, ravaging entire regions, looting their resources, annihilating towns and sowing panic wherever they go.

Open Assembly> Madrid on War Footing against the NATO Summit in Madrid on June 29 and 30

The holding of this summit in Madrid was proposed with extreme enthusiasm by this rogue government, which calls itself “progressive” but, like all the previous ones, willingly licks the boot of Yankee imperialism and follows all its dictates.

This summit began to be planned in full imperialist escalation of the aggressions and tensions against Russia and China that have ended, how could it be otherwise, by provoking a war whose horrible consequences are still far from over.

In said summit, apart from appointing a new ” commander in chief”, the new strategy for the coming years will be outlined where, among other important issues, is the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons or the possible inclusion of Finland and Sweden, which means adding fuel to the fire of the unleashed war.

New budget items will also be approved, which the popular classes will undoubtedly pay for.

In other words, we will not only be cannon fodder in their predatory wars, we will also pay for their expeditions with our taxes -those we have plus those to come-, runaway inflation and through the numerous cuts we are already suffering.

There is no money for health, education, public housing… but to destroy and kill with total impunity these “lords of war” never have any qualms. But there is more.

NATO also serves to guarantee the plundering of the popular classes within the member states themselves.

It helps repress any internal attempt to fight for the improvement of our living conditions, thus propping up the authoritarian regime that oppresses us.

On June 29 and 30 Madrid must be a unanimous outcry against the warlords of NATO, but also against the members of the Government who, while filling their mouths with progressive verbiage, roll out the red carpet to the most bloodthirsty and cruel of imperialism.

We encourage anyone who does not want our country to continue being an accomplice to genocide to join the campaigns and mobilizations against this summit.

We are clear about it. It is time to take a step forward. It is time to say enough to continue being collaborators of the NATO mercenaries.

We must also demonstrate to the different government parties that we are not going to attend this Crime Summit immobile and that we are not going to allow ourselves to be dragged along by their fire-extinguishing tricks that do nothing more than perpetuate and consolidate imperialism.

That is why we invite you to an assembly open next Thursday May 12 to prepare the response. We and we will not be accomplices. We are not going to shut up, and we hope for your help

Before and after NATO’s “Intervention” in Libya..

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