Obsolete US Anti-ICBM warship “protects” French Carrier Group from Unstoppable Russian 33,337kph hypersonic missiles

Rick Rozoff is an anti-war specialist in NATO affairs who publishes daily the pompous nonsense jargon that NATO uses to dress up US campaigns to maintain their control over the world. Below we paste with comments a piece where they proudly boast of their useless and pathetic plans to WIN a NUCLEAR WAR by shooting down Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles coming in at 27 times the speed of sound. Speed of sound = 1234.8 X 27 = 33,337.6 kph

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles: “proud to sacrifice Spain militarily, economically and physically, to US criminals”

U.S. anti-ICBM warships assigned to NATO “allies” carrier strike groups

Date: December 17, 2022 Author: Rick Rozoff at Anti-bellum shared with thanks and snarky comments

USS Arleigh Burke hosts French Maritime Force Commander U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa/U.S. Sixth Fleet
December 16, 2022

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke hosted Rear Adm. Christophe Cluzel, commander of the French Maritime Force and French Carrier Strike Group, Dec. 5, 2022.

note: The Arleigh Burke is one of the newest US “ICBM destroyers”. Based at the NATO base in Rota, south of Spain, they make Spain a target for destruction in the first minutes of a Nuclear War, as they are a threat to thousands of Russian warheads that must be fired immediately due to the US First Strike Policy.

While aboard the ship, Cluzel held discussions with Arleigh Burke Sailors and toured the ship’s compartments including the combat information center, a main engine room, SONAR control room….

Cluzel, a 1994 graduate from the French Naval Academy, is well versed in Mediterranean Maritime Operations, providing expertise and experience operating in the Mediterranean Sea alongside Allied naval forces, including Arleigh Burke. The ship is currently under tactical control of the French carrier strike group and Cluzel.

note: joining the Arleigh Burke to the French Carrier Strike Group makes them a ‘sitting duck’ for a swarm of ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic missiles that can reach them in 10 minutes, coming in at up to 27 times the speed of sound. Speed of sound = 1234.8 X 27 = 33,337.6 kph. At this speed a missile really needs no warhead at all to destroy a ship.

‘Smart’ US nukes for ‘Nuclear First Strike’ coming to NATO fighters in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands…

“Rear Adm. Cluzel’s visit demonstrated to the crew the impact that the U.S. Navy has on operating with our NATO allies,” [Ensign Bray Zimmerman, Arleigh Burke’s Operations Intelligence Division Officer] said. “Our crew was able to see that what Arleigh Burke brings to the fight is significant to carrier strike group operations across all navies.”

Arleigh Burke recently began its integration period with the French Carrier Strike Group, supporting mission ANTARES. ANTARES aims to exert non-escalatory pressure against opposed forces of NATO in the Mediterranean Sea. Arleigh Burke is providing multi-warfare defense to the French carrier strike group while operating under tactical control of the French Navy.

note: just pompous jargon, more suited to a schoolboy’s war comic

Arleigh Burke is the second ship to operate as part of the French Carrier Strike Group during mission ANTARES. In November, fellow Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Roosevelt provided defense capabilities to the strike group’s phase I ANTARES mission set.

.. Integrating U.S. destroyers into Allied carrier strike groups pays dividends for all involved”…

Spain: first Target for Nuclear Annihilation as the Base of the 4 most advanced Ballistic Missile Destroyers in the US

Upon Arleigh Burke’s integration into the French Carrier Strike Group, the ship has already conducted multiple maneuverability exercises, helicopter operations, and a replenishment-at-sea evolution, highlighting the capability and capacity of Forward Deployed Naval Forces-Europe (FDNF-E) ships in the European theater. The versatile Arleigh-Burke class destroyer consistently demonstrates her inherent mobility and adaptability to operate anywhere on the waterfront, whether it be as an independent deployer or as a unit in a strike group.


Four U.S. Navy destroyers, including Arleigh Burke, are based in Rota, Spain and are assigned to Commander, Task Force 65 in support of NATO’s Integrated Air Missile Defense architecture. These FDNF-E ships have the flexibility to operate throughout the waters of Europe and Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope to the Arctic Circle, demonstrating their mastery of the maritime domain.

Title of this you tube horror is “This is How Works Could the Navy”..?? Is that even English?

Standard Missile-3 of the sort fired by Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and Ticonderoga-class cruisers.


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