Ukraine War, Divided Left: “Social Patriots” and the “Anti-Imperialism of Fools”!

Der Friedensstifter

Russia’s military operation commenced on February 24, the socialist left has been divided in its response to the armed conflict in Ukraine.

On one side are those who align with the U.S., NATO and the Ukrainian state in denouncing Russia as the principal villain.In opposition are those who view the conflict as the outcome of the West’s new cold war against Russia, and the post-coupregime in Ukraine as a willing pawn of the West (U.S. and its geopolitical allies) in that new cold war.

There are also some groups who condemn both: Russia for its February 24 military action, and the U.S. and NATO for their provocations against Russia’s national security concerns.Many of the left’s published commentaries repeat invalid assumptions, evade crucial issues, and/or misrepresent the realities of the conflict.

Divided left.There being differing political perspectives on the left is nothing new.For example, during the Vietnam War…

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