Staying FULLY UNVACCINATED proves to be the safest defense against contracting Covid

Tales from the Conspiratum

Those who are bragging and “feel safe” because they are “fully vaccinated” are finding themselves dealing with new health events, exacerbated pre-existing conditions, and starting to regret what choices they’ve made. Doctors and scientists around the globe are blowing the whistle on the clot shots, seeing the carnage right in their own labs and offices now.

Natural News

by:S.D. Wells

Sunday, October 16, 2022
Tags: Anti-vaxBig PharmaBlood clotsclot shotsCOVIDfully unvaccinatedfully vaccinatedgoodhealthimmune systemimmunitynatural immunityno vaccinespandemicPlandemicspike proteinsVaccine Holocaustvaccine warsvaccines

Image: Staying FULLY UNVACCINATED proves to be the safest defense against contracting Covid

It took a while, but a few billion people are now able to confirm what they suspected since the beginning of the pandemic, namely that it is mostly a fear-based campaign that went “viral,” and the main goal…

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