Day of the DEAD.. Mexico and Nicaragua

The colorful parades for the Day of the Dead reach the streets of Mexico and Nicaragua.. The streets are filled with masks, feathers, skeletons and flowers in the famous Day of the Dead parades.

from Stigmatis By Elena Garcia Viscasillas | Oct 30, 2022 shared with thanks! via thefreeonline

In Mexico City, more than a million Mexicans have enjoyed this colorful parade in which eight illuminated allegorical cars and more than 300 musicians participated under the motto “The navel of the moon”.

The event, which had to be suspended during the pandemic and was only celebrated again in 2021, has generated a lot of enthusiasm among Mexicans, such as Javier Alemán.

What I love is the ingenuity of the designers in the costumes of each one of those who represent the parade, in how they are going to capture it inside a person, the cempasuchitl flower, the Mictlan, the monarch butterflies, everything that is costume I love.
Javier Aleman | Entrepreneur

The holiday is celebrated every year on November 1 and 2 to remember deceased loved ones. Some symbols such as flower altars have become characteristic elements of this festival. It is an ancestral tradition that is not only celebrated in Mexico.

In Masaya, southern Nicaragua, the inhabitants have dressed in their most terrifying costumes to celebrate the “Los Agüizotes” carnival. The festival of myths and legends has been celebrated since 1976.

It brings together most of the characters from the most popular ancient horror stories and is a reference to traditional Nicaraguan culture that some citizens, like Winston Báez, proudly celebrate:

The festival of the Agüizotes here in Masaya is the artistic expression of all our traditions, our myths and legends, tales of our ancestors who have grown up with these stories since we were little.
Winston Báez Resident of Masaya

In both Mexico and Nicaragua, the tradition seems to be more alive than ever.

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