US reduced to re-tooling Moth-balled Gear for Ukraine as Russian Reinforcements Continue to Deploy

This is actually a write-up or even picture around the US will help deliver...

mothballed tanks for Ukraine.

22,004 views 5 Nov 2022

Update on Russian military operations in and around Ukraine for November 5, 2022

– US assistance to Ukraine increasingly depends on “refurbishing” antiquated weapons kept in storage as current inventories of weapons run low;

– Russian tanks continue to roll out of factories while those in storage are also being upgraded and deployed;

– British state media admits Ukraine faces difficulties in taking Kherson city;

– Russian forces continue preparing for protracted combat while Ukraine races against the clock in terms of energy, economics, and material support for combat operations References:

US DoD – $400 Million in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine (November 4, 2022):

Defense News – US, Netherlands go Dutch to refurbish Czech tanks for Ukraine:… Dmitry Medvedev (Telegram) – Uralvagonzavod visit:

Defense Blog – Syrian Army receives the upgraded T-62M main battle tanks from Russia:… Michael Kofman on Russian T-62s being brought out of storage:

Military Watch Magazine – Building a Mechanised Corps for the Donbas: Why Russia is Modernising its T-62 Tanks For Re-Commissioning:

BBC – Russia-Ukraine war: At the front line of Ukraine’s struggle for Kherson:

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Update on Russian military operations in and around Ukraine for November 5, 2022

US Sending Moth-balled Gear to Ukraine as Russian Reinforcements Continue to Gather

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