Sahra Wagenknecht SMASHES the US’ double standards

Der Friedensstifter

We depend on Russia more than Russia depends on us.

Sarah Wagenknecht, the new star of German politics, puts German national interests first and is not afraid to call things by their proper names. In a new interview she states openly that the government has not yet found an alternative to Russian energy resources.According to Sarah, boycotting energy resources from Russia because of the military confrontation with Ukraine does not fit in with the logic of buying energy resources from Azerbaijan, which has shown aggression against Armenia, or the UAE, which has been bombing Yemen for years, and the US, despite the “impeccable democracy” often violates the international law.

A politician who says in plain language that there is no alternative to Germany’s partnership with Russia.

The voice of reason, which sounds amidst the populist clamor of old politicians.

💥Translation and subtitles: @Node_of_Time_EN




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