28 Migrants Allegedly Use Fake Childbirth to Force Emergency Landing in Barcelona – 14 escape- Eng/Esp

28 migrants fled from a plane en route from Casablanca to Istanbul that made an emergency landing in Barcelona after a false birth announcement. The passengers fled at night down the runway from a flight from Morocco at El Prat airport. The security forces have finally located half of those who escaped, but at least 14 are still free.

En Barcelona escapan 14 inmigrantes tras saltar de un avión

A plane from Casablanca (Morocco) had a forced landing this Wednesday in El Prat (Barcelona) after the false emergency of a woman giving birth. With this distracting event, 28 migrants have escaped from the plane. The security forces have already located half of those who have fled along the airfield runway.

Migrants flee plane that was forced to land after woman faked pregnancy …

Sources from the Government Delegation have explained that the plane, with 228 passengers, had the planned destination of Istanbul (Turkey) and asked to land in Barcelona at 4:30 a.m. to attend to a supposed medical emergency.

The usual protocol has been activated and two patrols from the Civil Guard, one from the National Police and the medical services have come to the track. When the woman disembarked, a group of 28 people left the plane trying to flee.

The agents on the runway have intercepted 14 people, including the pregnant woman: five have been returned to the plane – “because they want to and the plane’s staff accepts them”, according to the aforementioned sources – and eight have begun a process of inadmissibility and return to Morocco.

The other 14 escapees have disappeared and may be hidden by pro migrant organisations

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For her part, the woman who ‘suffered birth symptoms’ has been treated at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, but no “indications of being in labor” have been found, for which she has been discharged but vwas then arrested for an alleged crime of public disorder by allegedly pretending to be in labor.

Baton-wielding riot police charge towards group of migrants in Barcelona after one failed to pay his fare …

The authorities are looking for the other 14 passengers who have gotten off the plane but that the Police have not intercepted on the runway.

 humanity 1
 Italy only allows a dozen migrants to disembark from two ships and threatens to return hundreds to the sea

This is a case with similar characteristics to the one that occurred a year ago in Palma, Majorca.

In that case, 22 passengers on an Air Arabia flight that had landed in an emergency at Son Sant Joan due to a supposed medical emergency escaped from the plane. In the case of Palma, the investigation is already closed with those involved prosecuted for crimes of sedition and coercion.

Closely mirroring Wednesday’s escape, 24 people pushed past crew members and fled the plane, with cellphone footage showing men running across the airport tarmac. Police ultimately arrested half of them, who were Moroccan citizens along with one Palestinian man, but 12 others were never found.

Spain and Morocco are now collaborating strongly in enforcing stopping migrants at source and thousands have died trying to cross in boats, scale giant fences or swim.

Spain has done a dirty illegal deal with Morocco at the behest of the US and Israel to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over occupied Western Sahara, contradicting the UN, and leading to future great extraction profits from oil, gas and minerals, despite the ongoing resistance by the Saharawi people, recognized by Algeria, African countries and the UN.

Un grupo de migrantes huye de un avión que aterrizó de emergencia en Barcelona tras un falso aviso de parto

Varios pasajeros han huido de un vuelo procedente de Marruecos en el aeropuerto de El Prat. Las fuerzas de seguridad han localizado ya a la mitad de los que escaparon.


Aeropuerto del Prat

madrid 07/12/2022 14:59 Actualizado: 08/12/2022 08:55

Público / Europa Press

Un avión procedente de Casablanca (Marruecos) ha tenido un aterrizaje forzoso este miércoles en El Prat (Bacerlona) tras la falsa emergencia de un parto de una mujer. Con este suceso de distracción, 28 migrantes se han escapado del avión. Las fuerzas de seguridad han localizado ya a la mitad de los que han huido por la pista del aeródromo.

Migrants flee plane after landing in Spain

Fuentes de la Delegación del Gobierno han explicado que el avión, con 228 pasajeros, tenía el destino previsto a Estambul (Turquía) y pidió aterrizar en Barcelona a las 4.30 horas para atender una supuesta emergencia médica..

Se ha activado el protocolo habitual y han acudido a la pista dos patrullas de la Guardia Civil, una de la Policía Nacional y los servicios médicos. Al desembarcar a la mujer, un grupo de 28 personas ha salido del avión intentado huir.

Los agentes en la pista han interceptado a 14 personas, incluida la mujer embarazada: cinco han sido devueltos al avión -“porque ellos quieren y el personal del avión los acepta”, según las citadas fuentes- y a ocho se les ha iniciado un proceso de inadmisión y retorno.

Por su parte, la mujer ha sido atendida en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona, pero no se le han encontrado “indicios de estar de parto”, por lo que se le ha dado el alta y ha sido detenida por un presunto delito de desórdenes públicos al supuestamente fingir que estaba de parto.

Las autoridades buscan a los otros 14 pasajeros que han bajado del avión pero que la Policía no ha interceptado en la pista.

Se trata de un caso de características similares al ocurrido hace un año en Palma. En este caso, 22 pasajeros de un vuelo de Air Arabia que había aterrizado de emergencia en Son Sant Joan por una supuesta urgencia médica se fugaron del avión. En el caso de Palma la investigación está ya cerrada con los implicados procesados por delitos de sedición y coacciones.

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