Super-rich Tory MP urged to make reparations for his family’s huge slave trade profits

by Vox Political on 27th Dec 2022 via thefreeonline

This post concerns Richard Drax, one of the richest MPs in the Brit Parliament, whose inherited fortune was apparently built on the slave trade.

Richard Drax: he likes to dress the part of the landed gentry, but it seems his fortune is built on something sordid. Time to face reality?

His family owned plantations in Barbados that were farmed by slaves; he still has one there now, although working practices have changed with the times. As a result, he now owns a large amount of Dorset.

‘Of course the entire wealth of the UK is based on slavery and centuries colonial looting, which continues today via its vast overseas ‘holdings’ and the great fraud machine of the ‘City’ of London’.

Barbados has recently become a republic and its people are asking him to make reparation for the slave-profiteering that built his fortune.

Here’s the report:

Will this MP make amends for his family’s sordid past? Or will he deny responsibility?

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