Ukraine purging, burning and killing priests of canonical Orthodox Church (UOC)

As the West agrees to provide them Battle Tanks the Kiev regime is busy persecuting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), led by ultra nationalists who now control large sections of the army and claim the traditional Church it is ‘Russian friendly’

from thefreeonline on 25th January 2023 by South Front Download video

During the Epiphany on January 19, on Zelensky’s order, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Rada a bill banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The law is allegedly aimed at consolidating Ukrainian society. In fact, religious strife in Ukraine is nothing but undisguised nationalism.

Former Moscow-linked Church claims religious persecution as security raids heat up.

The canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been facing pressure from nationalists since the 1990s. By 2018, this turned into a large–scale state campaign, after the Ukrainian authorities created from the schismatic organizations the so-called “Orthodox Church of Ukraine”, a competitor of the canonical church. Today they attempt to make this fictitious nationalist entity the only church in the country.

Unable to force millions of believers to abandon their true faith, the Kiev regime began to persecute Ukrainian priests.

Churchmen are charged with treason, subversive activities, and “spreading propaganda among parishioners.” The acting Chairman of the SBU claimed at the end of December that more than 50 criminal cases had been initiated against the priests, whom he called “”moles” in cassocks”.

Ukrainian Church set ablaze – police more interested in which Patriarchate it belongs to, did not arrive till the fire was already out, and let the arsonist go free because -he was drunk at the time-…mm

The prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal case against the vicar of the main Ukrainian shrine of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

In the first days of January, the two main churches of the Orthodox shrine were given to schismatics. Already on January 7, the false Metropolitan held the Christmas Service in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra for the first time.

Three thousand members of the security forces took the territory into a cordon to protect it from the parishioners of the canonical church. Only journalists and neo-Nazis in military uniforms were welcomed into the temple. Many did not even know how to pray.

38 of the 46 Ukrainian Orthodox churches (UOC) in Crimea forced to close by ..

Ukrainian priests are persecuted by Ukrainian Nazis. In the Odessa region, a man with a knife rushed at a priest during a service but people stopped him. Another unknown person cut the throat of a priest in Vinnitsa. A week before the Epiphany, radicals set fire to a church in the Volyn region, and immediately after the holiday, a fire in a church in the village of Gnedin near Kiev broke out.

On Christmas Day, Zelensky deprived 13 priests of their Ukrainian citizenship. On Epiphany, the sectarians staged another sabbath in the main shrine of Kiev. The mayor of Dnipro claimed that there will be no Epiphany dip in the city and wished the Christian citizens to drown themselves.

Ten Orthodox Churches Destroyed, 60 Damaged in Southeast Ukraine ..2015.

The services in Ukrainian churches turned into pagan games with devils dancing on the altar. Parishioners are forced to sing the nazi anthem instead of prayers.

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