Evîna Kurd – New Series set in NE Syrian Revolution / by Rojava Film Commune + movie ‘The End Will Be Spectacular’

from thefreeonline on 26th Jan 2023 by Şînda Ekrem in Qamişlo via medyanews.

The Rojava Film Commune has completed shooting Evîna Kurd, a series about North and East Syria after the Rojava revolution. While telling the story of a Kurdish family in North and East Syria in 2017, the series also focuses on fundamental societal changes in the region.

Evîna Kurd (Kurdish Love), created by the Rojava Film Commune (Komîna Fîlm a Rojava), is a full length series exploring societal changes in North and East Syria since the Rojava revolution.

The series, set in 2017 and 2018, tells the story of a family whose roots go back to the era of Sheikh Said (1925), and looks at the connection between freedom and love.

Rojava Film Commune started filming in Derik in May 2022 but production was delayed due to Turkey’s military attacks against the region. Scenes were shot in many different parts of Rojava, including Al-Hasekah, Shedad, and Qamişlo, where a new branch of the commune has recently been opened.

Despite all the challenges, every individual in the society has played a role in the work, and as a result, the series is a great achievement.

“The revolution of 19 July [Rojava revolution] is not only about military changes but also about intellectual, social, political changes and the development of the role of women,” said scriptwriter Ekin Roni, underlining the series’ focus on fundamental societal changes in the region after the establishment of the autonomous administration.

Directed by Haşim Aydemir and Numan Yiğit, Evîna Kurd consists of 15 episodes and is the commune’s second series after ‘Tava Sor’ (Red Sun), released in June 2022.

Rojava Film Commune was established on July 2015 and has since produced numerous short and full-length films, as well as documentaries. The commune aims to revive the cinema culture in North and East Syria, believing that “cinema can make change” despite the challenges the region faces.



The End Will Be Spectacular – Ji Bo Azadiye

Full length feature film from Komina Film a Rojava.. English subs

A film of Rojava Film Commune
Directed by Ersin Çelik
Co written by Aysûn Genç and Ersin Çelik
Original score by Mehmûd Berazî

Synopsis by IFFR:

” The End Will Be Spectacular is an uncompromising war film about resistance fighters who are attempting in 2015 to break the Turkish siege of Sur, the historic heart of the Turkish-Kurdish city of Diyarbakir. The hundred-day battle claims many victims and Sur is almost entirely destroyed. Some of the survivors play lead roles in this film by Ersin Çelik, a member of the Rojava Film Commune.

The film tells the story of Zilan, a young woman who returns to family and friends in Diyarbakir to honor the memory of her dead brother. She is suddenly caught up in the violent struggle with the police and the army. A story of ideals, struggle, friendship, loss and self-sacrifice, set against a seemingly hopeless conflict. ”

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