Wow! Pfizer does NOT deny anything in Project Veritas video! Media BLACKOUT / YouTube CENSOR ..30 million views

Also, YouTube removes the Project Veritas video. Every expert I’ve talked to said, “you can’t make up a story like that” when viewing the PV video. Plus, the part you didn’t see…

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Steve Kirsch


Project Veritas releases explosive video that gets over 20M views, YouTube blocks it, Pfizer issues press release two days later which doesn’t deny anything in the video, and three experts validate authenticity of what was described in the video.

When Pfizer finally replied to the scandal their statement DOES NOT DENY Walker works for them or punish him.. Thus accepting what he says.

Worldwide press blackout. All the articles in newspapers (such as the Daily Mail) were taken down minutes after being posted! If you had any doubts about the news media objectively reporting the news, this action should erase all doubts.


Also, update on the status of the FAA/pilot story at the end!



Here’s the Project Veritas video on YouTube… it’s been blocked:

Essentially, YouTube blocks anything that goes against what the US government wants you to know even when it is true!

If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch Part I on the Project Veritas site: and here.. on Twitter & Instagram

You can watch Part II on Rumble:

If Jordon Trishton Walker really lied like he claimed in Part II, then why was he so upset about it? He could have just said, “Yeah, I made the whole thing up on the fly” and be matter of fact about it.

But he didn’t….

You didn’t see the whole video!

Project Veritas (PV) released only part of the Part I footage they obtained.

There is more. It’s even more damaging to Pfizer in my opinion than what PV released.

It’s up to them about when and where they release the second part.

Bottom line: You only heard part of the story and the other part is much more appalling and it is also consistent with the evidence we have.

The Congressional investigation

You can depend on Congress looking the other way on this because they are too embarrassed by this to hold an investigation.

Instead, they’ll remain focused on important issues like Taylor Swift ticketing problems. And no, I’m not making that up. You can’t make up stuff like that. Check out the story on CNN.

I feel safer knowing that Congress is not going to investigate any of this. Whew!

Experts weigh in: Malone, McCullough, Mikovits

I talked to three people: Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, and Judy Mikovits to get their impression. The video links are me discussing the PV video.

For Judy, I spoke with her last night and I asked, “Is there any chance he made that up in his head?” Answer: “No chance.”

Bottom line: it’s legit.

Pfizer responds at 8pm Friday

The video came out Wednesday night, and Pfizer took until 8pm Friday to figure out how to respond.

They effectively don’t deny anything but make it “sound” like they do.

Here’s the Pfizer press release:

English translation of Pfizer’s press release

Robert Malone’s read of the press release: “They didn’t deny anything.”

See the details on Robert Malone’s Subtack: Pfizer Responses to Veritas Expose.

Press reaction

They blacked it out worldwide, just like YouTube did.

See Peter McCullough’s take on the coverup.


The video is legit.

As stated in the video: “Pfizer wins. America loses.”

Congress will not investigate; they are all bought off.

Medical community will remain silent. Mainstream media will ignore it. YouTube will censor it.

That’s the way science works.

They don’t want to know the truth, do they?

One final note is that if any governor of any state in the US wanted to know the truth about whether the vaccine works or not, all they need to do is do a join between two database tables (deaths and vaccinations) and they’ll have the answer instantly (i.e., the vaccines make the problem worse for all age groups). But nobody wants to look because nobody really wants to know the truth. No one in the mainstream media or medical community will ever call for this either for the same reason: too embarrassing to look at. So the deaths and disability will continue until someone has the courage to look at the data in plain sight.

Update on pilots

Good news. I now have the emails of over 25,000 pilots who are furious. I was thinking of inviting them all for an in-person strategic planning conference focused on how we get the FAA to investigate all the pilot deaths and disabilities.

Did you know that at Southwest, for example, deaths are running at 5X normal and disabilities are running at 10X normal? I’m thinking if we got all the country’s pilots into a conference room, we could figure this out in a week or two, maybe more. We might even get some press coverage in the mainstream media! What do you think? Is that what it will take to get Pete Buttigieg’s attention on this matter?

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