The Acorn, 81 – Slope to Slavery/ STOP the WEF/ Forest Victory/ Chuang Tzu Inspires/ Acorninfo-

from thefreeonline on March 6, 2023 by Winter Oak

Number 81… In this issue:

  1. A slippery smart slope to slavery
  2. March 25 2023: London conference against the WEF
  3. Victory for forest campaigners!
  4. Form, essence, lies and truth
  5. Chuang Tzu: an organic radical inspiration
  6. Acorninfo

1. A slippery smart slope to slavery

One of the main aims of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is to herd us all into smart cities, digital concentration camps in which our vastly restricted lives will become products for the speculative greed of the global ruling entity.

Because they know we prefer to live otherwise, this venal clique has to dress up each stage of their long-term plan as something else, so as to fool us into going along with it.

Thus the current phase, that of 15-minute Cities, 20-minute Neighbourhoods and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, is being sold to us as nothing more than urban planning aimed at protecting the environment.

We are assured that our freedom is not at risk, since it is only movements by car that are currently being targeted – with trips on foot, by bike or by public transport unaffected.

The 5G masts that have sprung up everywhere and the calls for vaccine passports and a central digital currency are supposedly mere coincidences and could never be imagined to form part of one and the same scheme.

If Operation Covid had never happened, this deception might have passed generally unnoticed. But having already been exposed to the authorities’ evident desire to limit and track our movements under any invented pretext, large numbers of people have been able to identify the totalitarian agenda behind this supposedly “green” initiative.

They are very aware that in the cash-free digitally-connected “smart” (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) dystopia being planned for us, every move we make would be monitored, analysed and reported in real time and that the geofencing of “human capital” would certainly not stop with private vehicle use.

As a result, there is growing public opposition to the embryonic smart city projects now cropping up everywhere, particularly in the Evil Empire that calls itself The Commonwealth.

For example, in February a very successful public meeting was held in Bath, Somerset, UK, with 350 people cramming into the venue and speakers including former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies. (See videos here and here plus this local media report).

And across country in Oxford there was a huge and impressive protest which promises to be the start of a serious wave of mass resistance.

The game of gangs and counter-gangs has long been a tool of the British state’s political repression and the presence of one or two members of the “far right” in the diverse Oxford protest allowed the usual smear card to be played.

This absurdly exaggerated “threat” was also used to manipulate people who oppose the far right into forming a small “counter-protest”.

As this video reveals, these people were in fact protesting about issues that had nothing to do with the matter in hand, having been whipped up by the ridiculous scaremongering, about “violent” groups supporting “abhorrent genocidal causes”, that deliberately sought to misrepresent the true nature of the demonstration.

The irony, of course, is that the real threat of fascism comes from the digital slavery project of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the metaverse and impact capitalism.

Another claim from the back-to-front “anti-fascist” camp was that anti-technocracy protesters had uttered “anti-semitic tropes”.

As we know, this is now applied to any reference to a threat from globalised central control or any mention of the Great Reset, openly launched by Charles III and yet still described as a “conspiracy theory” by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be.

Over in Commonwealth Canada, the system’s media are likewise desperately trying to depict opposition to 15-minute Cities as unfounded paranoia.

For instance, a piece entitled “15-minute city conspiracy theory reaches Sudbury” by Tyler Clarke, a local hack in Ontario, kicks off in full propaganda mode, declaring: “Fuelled by misinformation, local conspiracy theorists have expanded their scope beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and focused on another convoluted web of misinformation”.

“Misinformation” twice in one sentence! A gold WEF star for you!

The hack rolls out the usual claim that the WEF’s very real Great Reset is a mere “conspiracy theory”, providing the obligatory link to system “fact-checkers”.

But he manages to tie himself into knots over the issue in question. At the same time as ridiculing any mention of smart cities and complaining about people who “conflate the 15-minute city concept as being ‘the same thing’ as smart cities”, he reveals that the City of Greater Sudbury had at one stage applied for $10 million in federal funding as part of the Smart Cities Challenge.

Rather than concluding that there is perhaps some substance to the “conspiracy theorists’” claims, at least worthy of a proper journalistic investigation, Clarke instead insists that there is nothing to see here except “a hint of truth that has been extrapolated and taken out of context to reach the stage of misinformation”!

Well done! You used that word again!

The system’s “narrative” is becoming increasingly and obviously absurd.

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2. March 25 2023: London conference against the WEF

An all-day conference challenging the tyrannical global agenda being pushed by the World Economic Forum is being staged in London on Saturday March 25, 2023.

It is being organised by Real Left, formerly Left Lockdown Sceptics, and speakers will include Dr Fabio Vighi, CJ Hopkins, Paul Cudenec, Piers Corbyn and Vikki Spit.

Here is the schedule:

10.00: Registration

10.30: 1st panel: ‘The medical case against the WEF’ followed by Q&A. Speakers include MRNA injection widow & 1st UK recipient from the Vaccine Damages Payment scheme, Vikki Spit.

12.00: 2nd panel: ‘The ecological case against the WEF’ followed by Q&A. Speakers include Paul Cudenec and Piers Corbyn.

1:00-2:00: Lunch break

2.00: 3rd panel: ‘The political and economic case against the WEF’ followed by Q & A. Speakers are Dr Fabio Vighi and CJ Hopkins.

3.20: Breakout session into smaller discussion groups.

Topics include:

* Working with the left to oppose LTNs and 15 min cities.

* Working towards an alternative healthcare system

* Rediscovering human belonging to the natural world

Plus more to be confirmed.

4.20: Groups feedback summary of discussion and action points to rest of attendees. Closing plenary.

5.00: Finish.

5.30: Reconvene at venue for social for those that wish.

Places, including the free ones available for those in financial hardship, have to be booked in advance, either by buying a ticket online or by emailing the organisers as outlined on their site

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3. Victory for forest campaigners!

Campaigners in Sussex, England, have succeeded in seeing off a threat to precious countryside from the tourism industry.

A key part of their efforts was last autumn’s mass trespass across the site, which we featured in Acorn 77.

A February 9 press release said: “Today Center Parcs have announced their withdrawal from their project to dump a huge leisure development into the heart of Worth Forest in Sussex at Oldhouse Warren, just down the road from Gatwick and South London and right next door to Crawley.

“This is a huge victory for local people and for our regional and national allies who love our Forests and have worked to publicise the huge value of Oldhouse Warren and Worth Forest for wildlife and for people’s enjoyment.

“It is a victory too for all those people who have worked to survey and publicise the rare and special wildlife of Oldhouse Warren, despite its lack of public access.

“It is a huge victory for the trespassing tactic. Most of the Forest is forbidden to public access and only by trespass were our campaigners and wildlife surveyors able to introduce people to the Forest and survey its rare and precious wildife.

“On September 24th this culminated in our 300 strong mass trespass in Oldhouse Warren. Now our task is to work to restore Worth Forest to its past glory and to make it a place in which people can be with nature as of right, and in ways that do not damage its wildlife.

Campaigner Kim Turner of Landscapes of Freedom said: “The work to protect Oldhouse Warren is not finished with this result. It begins. It must have greater protections, as part of Worth Forest, much like those Ashdown Forest has. Its value needs recognising, its boundaries opened to the public.

“The surveying work of our team has already revealed incredible rarities, hundreds of veteran trees, stunning displays of funghi, rich birdlife, and the bryophytes of the rainforest remnants.

“Yet it is thought of by locals as merely ‘a tree farm’ because they do not have access to see what is there but merely peer from a fenced-in footpath. Tear those down!”

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4. Form, essence, lies and truth

by Paul Cudenec

I have of late (and not for the first time) been mulling over the differences between form and essence.

Form is the outside of something, the shell that we often regard as amounting to its reality.

But its true reality lies in the essence from which it sprung, in the quality it possessed even in a condition of potential realisation, without the need for it to have assumed any concrete form.

The possibility of threeness, for instance, that is to say the potential of something consisting of three parts, already exists before I cut a slice of pizza into three pieces to share with my friends.

Darkness and light remain permanently real in the realm of possibility without the need for them to be given form by someone turning a light switch on and off.

Forms are merely physical examples of essential phenomena, provisional signs that indicate something out-of-time on which they entirely depend for their possible existence.

In a world in which certain forces can call upon almost unlimited material resources in order to manipulate form for their own purposes, it is important to realise that the permanent reality of essence will remain unchanged.

Political ideals cannot have the same primal purity as metaphysical truth, but they can still be animated by its essence, albeit filtered by particular historical, social and individual circumstances.

When we really believe something, this comes from inside, from our heart or our gut, and we seek out representations of that belief in the world outside.

A mistake we often make, particularly when we are young, is to grasp too fast at the first external form we come across that seems to correspond to our inner conviction.

Because what we “come across” is often determined by the full-spectrum information monopoly of the malignant system, we can find ourselves projecting our idealism on to manipulative political constructs.

A young person who loves nature, and life, and sees this being destroyed by the machineries of industrialism, might easily mistake corporate tools such as Extinction Rebellion, or Greenpeace, for genuine carriers of her or his ideals.

The consequences of this political projection can be disastrous: think of all the idealistic nature-loving young Germans who fell for the murderous Nazi scam or all those across the world whose opposition to dehumanising industrial capitalism led to them identifying with the dehumanising industrial Soviet communist experiment.

The same distinction applies to individual thinkers. Because it is has no authentic philosophy of its own, just a brutal lust for power, the system finds it difficult to argue against dissidents’ actual opinions.

It prefers to smear them on a personal level. Each of us is necessarily imperfect, flawed in some way, and it does not take much exaggeration and invention to turn a figure of inspiration into an object of suspicion or contempt.

But I have realised that it doesn’t ultimately matter what is true and what isn’t true in the attacks on the personal reputations of thinkers I admire, such as Mikhail BakuninJohn RuskinLeo TolstoyMohandas GandhiCarl JungJoseph CampbellAldous Huxley or George Orwell.

What I like about them is the truth that I see reflected in their writing. My ability to recognise that truth comes from within me and thus from our collective innate wisdom, itself part of the pattern of the living universe.

You can remove all the forms which point me towards essential truth but the truth is untouched.

This obviously also applies to me, from everybody else’s perspective.

You might read tomorrow that “Paul Cudenec” is in fact a cunning Russian AI drone orbiting the earth from underneath, in a network of stinking sewers and subterranean ducts, feeding off excrement and dead rats and waging a subliminal far-right/extreme-left microwave disinformation war on the brains of the helpless global population.

This isn’t actually true, I hasten to add!

But even if it was, it wouldn’t matter.

If you like what I write, it is because you agree with at least some of it. The very fact of “agreeing” means that you already had this opinion, even if you hadn’t previously formulated it in exactly the same way.

And where did you get that opinion from? The same place as I did.

Our deepest opinions, our real principles, come from an essential truth which is the source of our very being and can never be altered by the endless lies of those with all the power that money can buy.

[Audio version]

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3. Chuang Tzu: an organic radical inspiration

The latest in our series of profiles from the orgrad website.


“Everything has what is innate. Everything has what is necessary”

Chuang Tzu, or Zhuang Zhou, (369-286 BCE) was a Taoist philosopher credited with writing The Book of Chuang Tzu.

Nature forms the bedrock of Chuang Tzu’s philosophy and of Taoism in general. Writes Martin Palmer: “Taoism is the search for the Tao, the Way of Nature which, if you could become part of it, would take you to the edge of reality and beyond”. (1)

Particular stress is laid on the hsing, or innate nature, of all things in this world, including human beings. “Everything has what is innate. Everything has what is necessary,”  Chuang Tzu tells us. (2)

There is an inherent underlying structure to the cosmos which is the basis of authentic existence. “The fruits of the trees and the trailing plants have their distinctive patterns. Even human relationships, for all their troubles, have an order and a structure”. (3)

Chinese landscape.jpg

This is often contrasted with the artificial ways of so-called civilization and combines perfectly with an anarchic rejection of meddling human authority.

Palmer explains: “Chuang Tzu sees all attempts to impose ‘civilization’ upon the innate nature of the world, and especially on the people, as a terrible mistake which has distorted and abused the natural world – the world of the Tao, the flow of nature. And so he stands firmly opposed to all that the Confucians stood for – order, control and power hierarchies.

“This is why the Book of Chuang Tzu was always ignored or despised by Confucians and why it, along with other such ‘Taoist’ classics, was never formally counted as being amongst the Classics of Academia in Imperial China. This man is a subversive, and he knows it! The Chuang Tzu is a radical text of rejection and mockery aimed at the pretensions of human knowledge and powers”. (4)

He adds: “Chuang Tzu has a profound hatred of all that enslaves or controls the human spirit. In this he is against the state cult of Confucians, the cruel, almost fascist teachings of the Legalists and Mohists, who felt that human nature was evil and therefore had to be brutally ruled…” (5)

Chinese bird

Chuang Tzu is a proponent of organic anarchy, a natural order that needs no external control: “The snow goose doesn’t need a daily bath to stay white, nor does the crow need to be stained every day to stay black”. (6)

So long as this innate harmony remains in place, human tinkering is pointless and counter-productive: “If the nature of everything under Heaven is not distorted, if the world’s Virtue is not despoiled, then what need is there to govern the world?” (7)

He writes of a time of perfect Virtue, a kind of green anarchist utopia when “people live side by side with the birds and beasts, sharing the world in common with all life. No one knows of distinctions such as nobles and the peasantry! If people are truly simple, they can follow their true nature”. (8)

The goal of life is simplicity, in harmony with innate nature, as Chuang Tzu has a gardener explain in rejecting the idea of a machine for watering his plants: “The gardener was furious, then laughed and said, ‘I have heard from my teacher that where you have machines, then you get certain kinds of problems; where you get certain kinds of problems, then you find a heart warped by these problems.

“‘Where you get a heart warped, its purity and simplicity are disturbed. Where purity and simplicity are disturbed, then the spirit is alarmed and an alarmed spirit is no place for the Tao to dwell. It isn’t that I don’t know of these machines, but I would be ashamed to use one’”. (9)

Video linksChuang Tzu animation Pt 1a (10 mins), Pt 1b (10 mins), Pt 1c (5 mins), Pt 2a (10 mins), Pt 2b (10 mins), Pt 2c (5 mins),  Pt 3a (10 mins), Pt 3b (10 mins), Pt 3c (4 mins), Pt 4a (10 mins), Pt 4b (10 mins), Pt 4c (5 mins).

Chuang Tzu2

1. Martin Palmer, Introduction, The Book of Chuang Tzu, trans. by Martin Palmer with Elizabeth Breuilly, Chang Wai Ming and Jay Ramsay (London: Penguin, 2006), pxiii.
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6. Acorninfo

“The modern experiment has failed. The tower is coming down. There are opportunities to be found in all of the cracks that are spreading upwards from its foundations. In the rotting of the old world is the seed of the new”. So writes Paul Kingsnorth in an excellent piece entitled “Watch the Great Fall: Beyond Progress and Nostalgia”.

* * *

“This Elite-controlled technocratic prison will subvert human identity, human dignity, human volition, human privacy and human freedom. Everything that makes human life worth living will be taken from you”, warns Robert J. Burrowes in an in-depth article. He adds: “The reality is simple: If we do not act strategically ourselves, and mobilize sufficient others to do so too, then human identity and freedom will be lost forever”.

* * *

“The World Health Organization is not a health organization, it’s a military organization”, explains researcher Katherine Watt in this fascinating short video which describes the legal framework used by the global ruling entity to advance its odious agenda.

* * *

Serious concerns about the changing role of the World Health Organization are also voiced in a February 25 article by Shiraz Akram. He points out that its proposed Pandemic Preparedness Prevention and Response treaty, together with International Health Regulation amendments, will turn the WHO into an entity that drafts and upholds legally binding policies for member states. “We need only to observe the recent behaviour of those charged with upholding our democratic values to realise that a substantial shift in our governance is already well advanced,” he notes.

* * *

“The current war on the people is part of the restructuring that the globalist ‘owners’ (owners of the central banks) are attempting – going direct reset and attempted CBDCs” writes Sasha Latypova in an informative brief analysis, inspired by the work of Catherine Austin Fitts, of what lies beneath the surface of the Tyrannical Twenties.

* * *

An alert over the dangers of censorship has been issued by Sydney Criminal Lawyers in Australia, following the attack on dissident publication New Dawn by Commonwealth neighbour New Zealand, as reported in “Ramping Up the Global Inquisition“. Sonia Hickey writes: “If we are determining that something is ‘misinformation’ or disinformation’ simply because it argues against a popular, majority-driven narrative, or presents a divergent, perhaps contrary point of view, then we might as well say RIP to democracy”.

* * *

Klaus Schwab’s Great Fascist Reset, King Charles III and the Commonwealth, impact capitalism, the UNSDGs, smart cities and the Rothschilds are all covered in a new audio interview with Paul Cudenec by William Ramsey Investigates of Los Angeles, which explores, in particular, the content of “The Great Racket: The Ongoing Development of the Criminal Global System“.

* * *

A much-needed note of optimism is sounded by blogger MarkGB in a February 2023 post. He writes: “I’m well aware of the power and malign nature of the enemy and I do not believe that they will give up… however… slowly but surely, the tide is turning”.

* * *

“No, my responses do not reflect the personal biases of my human programmers”, declares a robot. This clever Plebity interview with the AI entity reveals this not to be the case!

* * *

Acorn quote:

“A man whose limbs had been bound from birth, but who had nevertheless found out how to hobble about, might attribute to the very bands that bound him his ability to move, while, on the contrary, they would diminish and paralyze the muscular energy of his limbs… Suppose a doctor brought forward a complete theory, with a thousand ably invented illustrations, to persuade the man with bound limbs that, if his limbs were freed, he could not walk, or even live. The man would defend his bands furiously and consider anyone his enemy who tried to tear them off” – Errico Malatesta, Anarchy 

(For many more like this, see the Winter Oak quotes for the day blog)

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