Maniac Pharma Scammers get OK for 4th Covid jab for kids under 5, even  babies! – ‘Billionaires in feeding Frenzy!

They’ve just approved a FOURTH Covid jab for children under the age of 5… including 6-month old babies!.

from thefreeonline on March 18, 2023 by Wirral In It Together

READ IT HERE As a father of two young boys, this upsets me deeply… I know that there are still SO many parents out there who don’t know the truth. Who follow government guidelines, thinking they’re helping their children… Only for their child to end up severely injured – or, tragically, dead. 

What weighs so heavily on me right now is that despite the dangers that have been reported…  The global government continues to push forward with their horrific vaxx agenda. And they are profiting from our suffering and our loss. 

Kids do NOT NEED to be “vaccinated” against C0vid!…

Countless pediatricians have said this! We already know that studies have shown the mortality rate in children from C0V!D is extremely low. Let’s dive into the REAL data here. 

A pediatric infectious disease specialist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Roshni Mathew… spoke out that: Around 45% of 117 children who were hospitalized and who tested positive for coronavirus were NOT really sick from C0V!D-19

In fact, she stated that hospitalization in those cases was due to “a completely unrelated diagnosis, like appendicitis or femur fracture or something else,” She and her colleagues published these findings in the journal, Hospital Pediatrics

They further noted that 39.3% of 117 hospitalized children with “C0V!D” were asymptomatic.  And concluded that, “Although C0V!D-19 has [been] considerably associated [with] morbidity and mortality in children, reported hospitalization rates likely lead to overestimation of the true disease burden.”

We know that this was one of the many unethical methods carried out by doctors and hospitals who were incentivized to LIE about the numbers. 

Why? To get parents so scared of C0V!D that they’d jump at the opportunity to get their child vaxxed with these C-19 poison shots. READ THE PUBLISHED FINDINGS HERE

Tons of other studies have been released that show that children are at extremely low risk of dying from C0V!D. According to statistics published by UNICEF in March 2023, “Among the 4.4 Million C0V!D-19 deaths reported… 0.4% occurred in children and adolescents under the age of 20”.
 And… we know that these numbers are also inflated and are actually lower. READ MORE HERE

Here’s the most shocking part… These so-called “C0V!D vaccines” are causing more injuries and deaths than the “virus” itself.
 Particularly in young people – it’s unfathomable that this entire agenda hasn’t been stopped!  And the worst part is the corporate media has gone to extreme lengths to censor this information… leaving more and more parents left in the dark about the truth.

Take this retracted article from the journal, Science Direct, for example:

This is one of many I’ve seen censored, removed, or retracted. But they CANNOT censor everything… Because people are speaking up, just like me and the incredible experts I interview – who refuse to give up!  
We know the price our children and all of humanity will pay if we don’t. is an incredible news source that continues to get the truth out. Just this week they reported that,  “The Taiwanese government paid out a compensation of NT$ 3.5 million (113,932 USD) to a family of a girl who died of myocarditis after she received her second C0V!D shot.” 

Vaccines Are Dangerous – And Don’t Work – Kindle edition by Dr Vernon …

The article noted that this little girl was between the ages of 5 and 11. And what’s more heartbreaking to know is that this is not the only family they’ve publicly paid out. SEE THE FULL STORY HERE 
A recent report also notes German Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach admitting that a Tweet he sent out claiming that “vaccines had no side effects” did not represent his true position.

According to Lauterbach, the 2021 statement “was an exaggeration that I once made in an ill-considered tweet.”
Now, the former Harvard University adjunct professor is sounding the alarm that the C-19 vaxx adverse events are real, they’re prevalent, and…  
Those who have been injured are not being compensated and are being ignored. READ MORE HERE 

If you look into the VAERS reports… you’ll see how startling this is. 
Here are reported VAERS cases that you haven’t seen in the news by an anonymous user who goes by AMM, MD… An 18-year-old dies 8 days after her second Pfizer shot

A 1-year-old dies 2 days after his Moderna shot

Smoking gun: Court orders release of Pfizer doc exposing FDA criminal cover-up of VACCINE DEATHS

A 5-month-old breastfed baby dies one day after his mother gets the Pfizer shot

T hese real-life reports are endless… It’s shocking that no one is hearing about this. 
What’s even more concerning? All these cases you’ll read about are from 2021 and don’t even include those from 2022 and 2023. 
And, the numbers that are there only represent 1% of the real numbers. This is extremely concerning… ACCESS THE DATA HERE 

We as a nation… and as parents are being lied to. So I want to encourage you to look at the real data… and really ask yourself…  
WHY are our children, and our population sicker than they’ve ever been before? When we have more and more vaccines…?
 I want to leave you with this question: Is it okay that our children are being injected with poisons and toxins when they cannot speak for themselves?

 This is why I am so passionate about my mission to share the truth… and the solutions. 
No matter how tedious this fight feels… or how much backlash you get for warning your friends and family… or speaking out about this.
 We have been called to do this difficult and extremely important task. … to not give up on our children. 
So I encourage you today… KEEP fighting – for our children and for humanity. I will be right alongside you.  

Yours in health and truth, Jonathan Otto

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