mRNA Vaccine Contamination 100’s of times Worse than thought: Copies itself and expresses Spike Protein !

Jabs “Up to 35%” DNA That Turns Human Cells into Long-Term Spike Protein Factories

from thefreeonline on 19th March 2023 by WILL JONES at THE DAILY SCEPTIC 3

The contamination of mRNA vaccines with DNA is far greater than initially thought at up to 35%, and the DNA’s role in inducing human cells to produce the spike protein long term has been confirmed, according to the latest research.

Earlier this month, the Daily Sceptic reported on the work of Dr. Kevin McKernan and his team who had subjected the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna to deep sequencing analysis and found alarming levels of DNA contaminants known as plasmids.

These are small circular DNA molecules that in principle can self-replicate in bacterial and human cells and induce the cell to produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein long term. Each vaccine dose was found to contain billions of these plasmids.

Dr. Jessica Rose: Spike Protein and Systemic Blood Clotting

The Moderna vaccine appeared to contain DNA contamination at around the ‘safe’ level set by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) at the equivalent of one part per 3,000 mRNA molecules, though it’s not clear how safe this level really is.

The Pfizer vaccine, on one hand, was found to contain DNA contamination at 10 times the ‘safe’ level, at one plasmid per 350 mRNA molecules.

Dr. Jessica Rose estimates each dose may contain trillions of these contaminated DNA molecules, 100 times greater than previously reported.

With each new revelation it becomes clearer that the ‘experimental’ Covid vaccines kill or maim far more of us than they save from a Covid 19 death.

VERIFY: COVID-19 survival rate.

This becomes obvious, although still difficult to prove, when we take into account on the one hand the fraud that nearly all “Covid deaths” were of very old people with ‘co-morbities’ and doctors and hospitals were rewarded for putting ‘Covid-19’ on the death certificates

On the other hand the moneyspinning ‘vaccines’ are clearly much worse than

the Covid virus itself if we count the ‘excess deaths’ from terrible spike protein damage to our immune systems, hearts, livers, brains, kidneys etc and if we include ‘excess miscarriages’, stillbirths and long term or permanent injuries.

Meanwhile all the new vaccine billionaires, medical establishment and all the media, politicians and elite who hold stock in the Covid Conspiracy are maybe celebrating in their magnificent mansions. Covid Billionaires busy screaming MISINFORMATION and sponsoring a whole industry of desperate media lies about those who try to reveal the truth, or maybe just sniffing cocaine in some sunny tax haven.

Maniac Pharma Scammers get OK for 4th Covid jab for kids under 5, even babies! – Billionaires in feeding Frenzy

The crimes against humanity of those who enforced the Covid conspiracy should one day be measured in billions of years of ‘excess extreme human suffering’.

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…It was all a Lie: How the Establishment tricked the World into a Deadly Experiment that killed Millions through Midazolam Poisoning & COVID Vaccination

The DNA is part of the vaccine manufacturing process, providing the blueprint for the mRNA, but it should have been removed to at least the ‘safe’ level, though was not for reasons that are unclear.

Follow up on DNA contamination of COVID-19 injectable products

Now, Dr. McKernan and his team have undertaken further analysis and found that the level of DNA contamination is much greater than originally reported, with up to 35% of the vaccine product being this DNA contamination. They write:

This equates to 20-35% of the nucleic acid in each vaccine being expression vector. This is several orders of magnitude over the the EMAs limit of 330ng/mg. With these levels of contamination, RT activity from LINE-1 is not a prerequisite for genome integration.

Molecular biologist Dr. Jessica Rose explains that this means each dose may contain trillions of DNA molecules, 100 times greater than previously reported: “The left-over expression vectors used to manufacture the mRNAs are at contamination levels 100-fold higher than originally proposed and imply trillions of DNA molecules per dose. This has implications for integration into our genome.”

Dr. Jessica Rose: COVID Vaccines to Digitize Human ..

The precise level of contamination is unknown as these are estimates with a wide margin of error. It may also vary by batch. What is certain, however, is that the contamination of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is way above any official ‘safe’ level.

In the original analysis, Dr. McKernan had been looking primarily for RNA contamination and had used an additive that can suppress DNA amplification. By looking specifically for DNA contamination he and his team found that the amount of DNA present was far greater than the initial technique had indicated.

Further analysis by Dr. McKernan and his team has also confirmed that the plasmids are intact and capable of self-replicating, and that the relevant promoters are present that allow them to express mRNA for spike protein in human cells (and not just in bacteria).

This indicates that these DNA plasmids are likely to survive for long periods, be taken up by cells inside the body and induce the cells to produce spike protein for an indefinite period of time..

It is thought this could explain the observed persistence of spike protein in the blood of vaccinated persons for weeks or months after injection, which is believed by experts to be a contributor to adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Jessica Rose notes: “It is more than likely that these adverse effects are the direct result of t he contamination illuminated by Kevin and his team.”

These findings are obviously highly disturbing. Regulators ought to be making a priority of looking into these issues for themselves and, if confirmed, taking the appropriate action including removing the products from the market.


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