Attack in Memory of THE BASE in Brooklyn NY

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We create the anarchy we’d like to see in the world.. anarchist spaces

Via Abolition Media

The storefront of Altitude Cannabis Club in Brooklyn, NY was attacked with three of its windows shattered and a message scrawled on its door.

The building that Altitude is located at is the former address of the Base, an anarchist political space that many of us revolutionaries held near and dear to our hearts and gave us a space to build community, make friends and comrades, sharpen our political knowledge, debate with others, and grow into the thorns in the side of the state and capitalism that we are today.Anarchists Aiming to Stop 'Bushwick II' Development in Its Tracks

One thing that set the Base apart from other spaces in the city, which are run by fossilized Marcyites, hipster anarcho liberals, or bourgeois leftists of various shades, is the uncompromising focus on anti-imperialism, old school anti-capitalist radicalism, support for political prisoners, regardless of tendency, and promoting anarchism through the lens of the history of the struggle against slavery and colonialism.

The Base was the only leftist space with a preponderance of working class people in the collective or frequenting the space, many of whom were people of color, and not despite this, but because of this, they were always against liberal identity politics; which in essence is the politics of white university culture.

It was the only space that always welcomed neighborhood people and homeless folks without judgment, treated people as equals and assisted with day to day struggles.

New Yorkers can donate and pick up items at four Brooklyn mutual aid Free At These Brooklyn Stores

Unlike other political spaces, the Base cared about providing us a constructive space, keeping bad actors and abusive personalities out, and became the space where those of us fed up with yuppie or cult run spaces and activist groups came to get to know each other and formulate our ideas and plans for the future.

When the landlords evicted the Base and Altitude took over, it was obvious that Altitude probably had no hand in the eviction process. However the stark contrast of what used to be and what now is was very symbolic.

An overpriced, gentrified weed club where yuppies go to waste their money instead of supporting locals, staffed by despicable hippies and hipsters.

And so in the dead of night we struck back. A last hurrah to the best anarchist space on the east coast.

The space may be gone, but the ideas and bonds that were built and expanded upon there will never be broken until we all take our last dying breaths.

We will fight to continue the legacy they aimed to promote and will continue struggling against all that oppresses us.

Death to the state and capital!

US and NATO out of everywhere!

Death to every tyrant and oppressor whether big or small! And may all the landlords and the gentrifiers who sustain them be one day robbed of their ill gotten wealth and property and may it be distributed to the working class.

For revolution, we march onwards!!

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But is this contrast between

Submitted by anon (not verified) on Tue, 02/07/2023 – 20:45

But is this contrast between a yuppie cannabis club in its smug exclusive bubble much different from a group indulging heavily with intellectual bong-farting full of hot impotent fantasies about their social Utopia?

not from such a distant

Submitted by anon (not verified) on Tue, 02/07/2023 – 21:27

not from such a distant glance. it’s a case of one specific group of people displacing the other, not of differing intragroup dynamics and activities. also the displaced group identifies as working class, while the yuppies identify as who knows what, since they haven’t issued a communique yet at this time

“a group indulging heavily

Submitted by anon (not verified) on Wed, 02/08/2023 – 08:22

“a group indulging heavily with intellectual bong-farting full of hot impotent fantasies”

Nobody who read past the headline or knew anything about the Base and what they actually, physically did in the surrounding area of BK would troll this badly. I guess it’s mean to be humour which is why it remains undeleted. Charming.

“a group indulging heavily

Submitted by anon (not verified) on Sat, 02/11/2023 – 11:54

“a group indulging heavily with intellectual bong-farting full of hot impotent fantasies”

Its always those that are doing absolutely dick to better their community that make comments like this. For those of us that struggle and those of us that struggle to make a difference, we know the odds we are up against. We know that until we shut it all down, the state will always come a knocking.

I don’t need to know this person to know that they are as helpful as their comment, always with criticism and never with solutions. The boiled down version of their argument is, “your dream of a better future will never be so you’re wasting your time.” but this is objectively not true. We can dream big and still make significant worthwhile changes to the lives of those we interact with and that matters.

Anarchism will never die so long as people resist and people will always resist against injustice, domination and exploitation. We won’t let the State slow us down and people like this guy, and they are almost certainly a white dude, are nothing next to that.

I applaud your efforts comrades and the symbolism of your action.

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