21 Russian Drones Explode Western Weapons Dump– ” Spew radioactivity from British Depleted Uranium “

from thefreeonline on 16th May 2023 info from South Front

Panic broke out on Ukrainian social media over reports that during the detonation of the huge ammunition depot in Khmelnytsky. A large batch of British depleted uranium tank ammunition, which was recently brought in to Ukraine along with Storm Shadow missiles, was also destroyed.

As a result of the huge explosion, particles of depleted uranium may have been dispersed on the territory of the entire Khmelnytsky region.

Reports claim that the background radiation has increased in the area.

Putin Warns Depleted Uranium Will Be Considered a Nuclear Weapon + Impacts on Children in Iraq

DU dust can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through scratches in the skin. It is linked to DNA damage, cancer, birth defects, and multiple other health problems, and contaminates the surrounding area with toxic waste that has a half-life of 4.5 billion years,

Russia sent 21 drones to an army missile silo causing an enormous fireball which injured dozens, as per reports.

The local military administration said on Telegram that “critical infrastructure” had been hit in the May 12 attack.

Pax Christi Report- Infants who were born between August and September of 2016 to parents who had continuously lived in Nasiriyah The visible birth defects include: anencephaly (A1 and A2 , B), lower limb anomalies (C), hydrocephalus (D), spina bifida (E), and multiple anomalies (F, G, H). …(shocking photos withheld here)

A spike in gamma radiation was detected around May 12, with emission continuing to rise the following day and remaining at the elevated level thereafter.

Taking into account how little gamma radiation comes from depleted uranium, this spike indicates that the stockpile of depleted uranium munitions was destroyed there.

From the sad experiences of both Yugoslavia and Iraq, one may conclude that an outbreak of cancer should be expected in the region in the future.

The mushroom-like explosion in Khmelnytskyi struck a depot storing missiles and ammunition, say reports. Ukraine denied Russian reports that the strike caused significant losses to the armed forces.

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