Barcelona Riot after eviction of Carboneria Occupied Center


OKUPAS_008.JPGThe protest against the eviction of La Carboneria collapses downtown BCN About 1,500 people take Sant Antoni against the closure of community center
The march ends with the burning of containers and ATMs   

What could have diminished the mobilization against the eviction of the squatted social center La Carboneria – was that it coincided with the day of the growing number of protests against the rising price of public transport – served this Wednesday night instead to boost a demonstration that soon became an expression of anger, with many burnt containers , smashed ATMs and police chases and charges through Ciutat Vella and Exiample .

The start of the march to protest the eviction at noon was delayed until after nine at night to wait for the hundreds of people from seven in the evening demonstrating throughout the metro . It was at that time when about 1,500 people gathered in the Plaza de la Universitat and walked down to the Sant Antoni barrio to show their rejection of the eviction, amid a huge police presence .



The march, which at first moved together without too many incidents , except some containers , just moved to block or tipped over, took a more violent turn about 10 pm , when groups began rinning round the  Raval and Sant Antoni Barrios where multiple scenes of street violence took place .

La Carboneria belongs to Barclays Bank which has evicted hundreds of mortgage defaulters, it has put forward no plans for the building, preferring a derelict investment to a vibrant revolutionary community.

The burning oof rubbish containers and the destruction of Cash points  by some of the demonstrators on the final leg of the march was answered by crowds of Catalan police deployed around the place on foot, in riot vans , motorcycles and  a helicopter which  flew around La Carboneria all day.

The orders of the police were clearly to hurt people and cause terror, while keeping arrests to a minimum.. This in the light of The WORLD MOBILE CONGRESS here next week, (with tickets at 700 euros and rooms at 1500 euros) .

The newest directional SOUND CANNONS were used to dizzy and disorientate demonstrators, in place of plastic bullets, now withdrawn after a successful campaign by those blinded by them.

There were chases through the narrow streets of the Raval , which continued even within the metro- and several charges after 1392812735_454777_1392853324_noticia_normalpolice and decisive races that generated a climate of urban warfare , which ended with some arrests . Some protesters claimed that the streets of the Raval smelled tear gas tonight .

The event is the second of the day against the eviction of social center squatted in 2008 at the confluence of the streets of Urgell and Floridablanca , owned by the bank Barclays who pressed for eviction , and a warrant of eviction has been in force since day 15 .

Following the eviction which occurred at 12 noon also in the midst of a large police presence , about 300 people demonstrated much more quietly through the same streets that hours later would live the scenes described .
In the eviction of the center police identified the 16 people who were at the time inside the estate, known and recognized by the large mural that decorates its facade, a facade where two of the activists hung themselves to try, unsuccessfully to stop the eviction.

One of the people who came to the door of the Carbonaria was the vice president of the Neighborhood Association of San Antonio, Toni Sanchez, who showed their support for the community center and stressed that ” it has been a place that has always adhered to the rules coexistence and participated in community life of the neighborhood. “

The evicttion of La Cárbo is by no means the end of the story. there are dozens of Occupied self-run Social Centers in Catalunya, despite their illegality, however 5 more are now due for eviction, despite good public support, as they reptresent an alternative to the permanent crisis of predator capitalism.
The other big threatened autonomous centers are the Expropriated Bank of Gracia,  the Popular Workers Center of the Eixample , the Gordíssima Occupied Autonomous Center (The Fattest One),  the May Flower (Flor de Maig)  and  the House of Dreams (Casa dels Somnis) (see more here: Demo Sat 8th: Let’s combat Police State with local Self-defense)

Un company de l’Assemblea de Comunicació i de la Llibertària de la UAB detingut després de la manifestació en contra el desallotjament del CSO La Carboneria. Concentració de suport dijous 20, a les 19h a la comissaria de Les Corts. …….

A friend from the Assembly of Communication and Freedom UAB was arrested after the demonstration against the eviction of CSO Carbon.  There was one other arrest. Support Picket on Thursday 20th at 19pm at the police station of Les Corts.



Barclays Bank is one of the biggest VULTURES cashing in on dirt cheap property in Spain due to the hundreds of thousands evicted for mortgage arrears, snapping up bargains as families move onto the streets. Even worse is the business of buying up unpayable mortgages and evicting the families, who in Spanish law, recently confirmed,  still have to go on paying back the mortgage after being evicted! The same bankers who get off free for robbing billions by manipulating interest rates on loans.

To Barclays With Love Support Group   TBWL


photo sent in anonymously to TBWL

photo sent in anonymously to TBWL

TBWL is an information campaign and mobilization initiated by an autonomous group, in solidarity with the CSO the Carbonaria , in danger of eviction action after threatening Barclays Bank.

Cupid ‘s arrows have been poisoned by advertising, TV , the press, the next shift of sold out politicians , schooling , family … they’ve make us blindly in love for banking, idiots in love with something unreal. Barclays Bank does not seek reciprocity or understanding or mutual respect. Barclays Bank is lying , abusing its economic power, steals and exploits massively more those who have less.

We defend an adult and responsible love . Our Cupid’s arrows are full of rage at the injustices experienced , so our love is rebellious, disobedient and critical banking and unbridled capitalism does NOT allow us to be decent people .

street theatre at Barxlays HQ in Barceloa

Street Theatre against the eviction of La Cárbo at Barclays HQ in Barcelona

We propose a spit love strengthens the oppressed and spits out the criminals , and we are calling on own initiative and claiming actions aalkready taken because with the solidarity of all the comrades we fight for freedom and autonomy.

Do not be a blind fool…  love!
Support TBWL and experience new ways of loving
CorreoE :

lacarbo # sthash.wbAHvQOL.dpuf


La protesta por el desalojo de La Carboneria colapsa el centro de BCN

Unas 1.500 personas toman Sant Antoni contra el cierre del centro social

La marcha acaba con la quema de contenedores y de cajeros automáticos

EL PERIÓDICO / Barcelona

Miércoles, 19 de febrero del 2014 – 23.19 h

Un contenedor quema durante los altercados por el desalojo de La Carbonería.

Alejandro García / EFE

Un contenedor quema durante los altercados por el desalojo de La Carbonería.

Lo que podía haber deslucido la movilización contra el desalojo del centro social okupado La Carboneria –que esta coincidiera en miércoles, el día de las cada vez más numerosas protestas contra la subida del precio del trasporte público–, sirvió esta noche del miércoles de refuerzo a una manifestación que se convirtió pronto en una expresión de rabia, con numerosos contenedores quemados, cajeros automáticos destrozados y persecuciones y cargas policiales por Ciutat Vella y el Exiample.

El inicio de la marcha en protesta por el desalojo del mediodía se retrasó hasta pasadas las nueve de la noche, para esperar a los cientos de personas que desde las siete de la tarde se manifestaban por toda la red de metro. Fue a esa hora cuando las cerca de 1.500 personas concentradas en la plaza de la Universitat avanzaban por el bario de Sant Antoni para mostrar su repulsa al desalojo efectuado también con un gran despliegue policial. La marcha, que en un primer momento avanzaba unida y sin demasiados incidentes –salvo algunos contenedores, al principio solo movidos de sitio o volcados– tomó un giro más violento sobre las 10 de la noche, cuando distintos grupos corrieron por el Raval y Sant Antoni, donde se vivieron múltiples escenas de violencia callejera.

La quema de contenedores y el destrozo de cajeros automáticos por parte de algunos de los manifestantes en el tramo final de la marcha fue respondido por los muchos Mossos d’Esquadra desplegados por el lugar a pie, en furgonas, en motos y en helicóptero –un aparato sobrevoló los alrededores de La Carboneria durante toda la jornada. Hubo persecuciones por las estrechas calles del Raval –que bajaron incluso al interior del metro– y varias y contundentes cargas policiales tras carreras que generaron un clima de guerrilla urbana, que acabó con algunas detenciones. Algunos manifestantes aseguraron que las calles del Raval olían esta noche a gases lagrimógenos.



La manifestación es la segunda de la jornada contra el desalojo del centro social, okupado en el 2008 en la confluencia entre las calles de Urgell y Floridablanca, propiedad de la entidad bancaria Barklays, y con una orden judicial de desalojo en vigor desde el pasado día 15. Tras el desalojo, producido a las 12 del mediodía también en medio de un gran despliegue policial, unas 300 personas se manifestaron de forma mucho más tranquila por las mismas calles que horas más tarde vivirían las escenas descritas.

En el desalojo del centro la policía identificó a las 16 personas que se encontraban en el momento en el interior de la finca, conocida y reconocida por el gran mural que decora su fachada, fachada de la que se colgaron dos de los activistas para intentar, sin éxito, parar el desalojo. Una de las personas que acudió a la puerta de La Carbonería fue el vicepresidente de la Asociación de Vecinos de Sant Antoni, Toni Sánchez, quien mostró su apoyo al centro social y subrayó que “ha sido un local que siempre se ha ceñido a las normas de convivencia y ha participado en la vida asociativa del barrio”.

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