Candid Confessions Of 635 Former Climate Change Deniers

Who is the enemy leading us to Climate Catastrophe?

Before beginning, a note is in order. No one is claiming Kirk’s analysis is scientifically or statistically valid. Nevertheless, it is a useful tool for understanding the factors climate change deniers base their beliefs on.

Kirk ends her discussion with perhaps the most cogent and useful advice of all. “Be nice,” she says. “None of the commenters lauded the effectiveness of flaming arguments, shaming, or condescending treatment. Letting go of a long-held belief is hard.We can support people and give them rational, relatable reasons to appreciate the science of climate change. We have the evidence and the credibility on our side. Let’s not squander the high ground.” Amen to that, Karin. Ready to learn more? Let’s go.

Go Fossil Free divestment campaign

Family Values Most Common Source Of Science Resistant Beliefs

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Most people tend to adopt the worldview of their parents, family, and social group. Children of Democrats tend to be Democrats themselves. The same is true of Republicans. Religious beliefs and ethnic mores tend are transmitted from parents to children. The following comments were typical. Continue reading “Candid Confessions Of 635 Former Climate Change Deniers”

‘Climate-Smart’..more capitalist Greenwash

How multinationals use climate change to impose an industrial agricultural modelclimate greenwash

by SOPHIE CHAPELLE      in French /Spanish here

Close to a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to agriculture [1]. A worrying figure, and a disturbing one since it includes all agricultural systems of production, from “conventional” agriculture to organic agriculture, from battery farming to pasturing, from industrial monocultures to small, mixed farms. While farmers are blamed for their responsibility in climate change, actors from industrial agriculture take advantage of these conflations to greenwash their image. Continue reading “‘Climate-Smart’..more capitalist Greenwash”

2012.. Worst ever Year for the Planet

Super-typhoons can only form over 30C water.. Climate Change is to blame. The billionaire Climate Criminals of the Oil Companies sit back in total luxury while their victims in Caleel Bay face annihalation. ..6th Dec
Super-typhoons can only form over 30C water.. Climate Change is to blame. The billionaire Climate Criminals of the Oil Companies sit back in total luxury while their victims in Caleel Bay faced annihalation. ..6th Dec. When will lawsuits be taken against these companies on behalf of the victims?

Annus Horribilis

Dec 31,   2012 was the worst year for the environment in living memory.

By George Monbiot,

It was the year of living dangerously. In 2012 governments turned their backs on the living planet, demonstrating that no chronic problem, however grave, will take priority over an immediate concern, however trivial. I believe there has been no worse year for the natural world in the past half century.

Three weeks before the minimum occurred, the melting of the Arctic’s sea ice broke the previous record(1). Iconic remnants of the global megafauna – such as rhinos and bluefin tuna – were shoved violently towards extinction(2). Novel tree diseases raged across continents(3). Bird and insect numbers continued to plummet, coral reefs retreated, marine life dwindled. And those charged with protecting us and the world in which we live pretended that none of it was happening…. Continue reading “2012.. Worst ever Year for the Planet”

Climate Criminals to push us over a Cliff: PWC report

Driving much faster to the climate cliff

by Jordan Nichols     A recently released PricewaterhouseCoopers (or PwC) report, titled Too Late for Two Degrees?, suggests that, to meet even a goal of a 4° C increase in global mean temperatures the world must quadruple our current rate of decarbonization.  (Yes, this is that PwC — the “Big 4” accounting firm and the largest professional services firm in the world.) This is the most alarming study I have come across in months.

A 4o C global warming is double the threshold climate scientists will say must not be crossed to avoid disastrous impacts of climate change within this century and beyond.  It will take a massive, concertized international effort by both developed and developing nations to stop short of this ‘climate cliff.’ Continue reading “Climate Criminals to push us over a Cliff: PWC report”

Sandy Exposes Climate Criminal Politicians

Paid by the greedy immoral US corporations, the US presidential candidates both refused to even talk about Climate

Climate Criminals with footprints of 100s of tons of CO2 a year are moving their millions to tax havens as runaway climate chaos takes hold.

Change, even though it could easily make the planet uninhabitable for humans.

The US public has been willingly convinced by a massive Lie Campaign that Climate Change does not exist.

All the more fitting and ironic then, that  monster Hurricane Sandy should erupt into the end of the farcical Election Campaign. Hopefully the victims and relatives of the dead will point the finger at the Climate Criminals.

In Hurricane Sandy’s Fury, The Fingerprint Of Climate Change

Posted: 10/29/2012 12:31 pm EDT Updated: 10/29/2012 3:55 pm EDT

Residents along the East Coast are bracing for a storm that has prompted evacuations and shut down transit systems, schools and businesses. The map above shows the evolution of Hurricane Sandy’s past and predicted path. Click the map for more.

Last month, Mike Tidwell, director of Maryland’s Chesapeake Climate Action Network and the author of the 2006 book The Ravaging Tide — which detailed the expected rise in extreme weather events that will come with global warming — received a pamphlet in the mail from his insurance company,

Climate Change Sandy

Travelers. The full-color flier depicted a typical suburban home with a lashing storm looming on the horizon.

Federal disaster declarations are up, the pamphlet declared. Average winter storm losses have doubled since the 1980s. Thunderstorms last year caused over $25 billion in damages, more than double the previous record…. Continue reading “Sandy Exposes Climate Criminal Politicians”

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