King called a ”drunken idiotic brainless bastard pimp..”..State demands 15 months prison

caricatura_rey_juan_carlos1You, the latest representative in Spain of the band of drunks, pimps, idiotic, brainless, bastards, nymphomaniacs and vagrants  that over the centuries have shaped the Bourbon royal line.”
For these words the prosecution asked 15 months in prison for the crime of libel to the Crown for the retired Colonel Martinez , from article he wrote in 2011.

After his arraignment, Martinez had some words for the press. “I came out of respect for the law, not for these judges. I have not committed any crime, because, apart from military, I’m a writer and historian who has the right to freedom of expression. I have not slandered the head of state, or even care, I just want  him to go. ”

In the Hall of the Central Criminal Court, the trial continued without witnesses or accused. The prosecution has maintained its request for conviction for “libel and slander to the Crown”

Regarding the parts designated as criticism without criminal offense, the prosecutor referred to the article quotes “the King uses (military aircraft and others) to attend grands prix of Formula I or international tennis tournaments.” Continue reading “King called a ”drunken idiotic brainless bastard pimp..”..State demands 15 months prison”

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