No Borders..Freedom of Migration ..unDocuBus

Undocubus in NYT: Many of those planning to ride the bus are undocumented and — for the first time — are not afraid to say so.

All over the world there exists millions of desperate people in hiding because Nation States misuse migration as a cheap way to get power. Now the movements of the 10 million US clandestine undocumented are getting organised, though almost all politicians are against them.  A ‘Freedom Ride‘ called Undocubus is set to roll from Arizona to Democratic Convention.

The “‘Undocubus” is making a national buzz and was featured in an editorial for the New York Times. The move by the ‘freedome riders’ is unprecedented as many of them would not be considered ‘DREAMers’ (although as in most pro-immigrant activism, DREAMers do have involvement). Many of the riders are mid-aged, working class – heroes. Continue reading “No Borders..Freedom of Migration ..unDocuBus”

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