Police protect hired Thugs to Evict occupied Speculation Flats #AlertaDesokupa

info from  La_Directa     and  Twitter.. Violent attacks and charges were made by the Mossos local police while protecting  an illegal eviction executed by Desokupa, the private Eviction Company,  in the Poble-sec barrio of Barcelona . One supporter and three from the squatting collective were arrested, instead of the hired thugs.

”Although the converted ‘luxury’ flats were finally lost the emergency neighbourhood mobiization brought crowds of people onto the streets in record time to block the private mercenaries of the speculation company until the police charged twice”..

Two -UnSquat- thugs

This was in the context of increasing mobilizations by tenants, unions and neighbourhood groups against the wave of corporate buyouts and evictions for property speculation and gentrification in the city. Continue reading “Police protect hired Thugs to Evict occupied Speculation Flats #AlertaDesokupa”

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