Long struggle still Blocks Nuclear Waste Cemetery in Villar de Cañas, Spain

It all began in Jan 2010  at 23:56 at night, in the little village of  Villar de Cañas when a council meeting voted in favour of a Nuclear Waste Cemetery which was not even on the agenda,
Spain finally had a place which agreed to host its high level Nuclear Waste, for thousands of years. But the battle against the cemetery had only just begun.
  Laguna del Hito.. its protected habitat protection has been abolished by the PP courts
Last 25 Nov the 3rd Assembly of the Iberian Antinuclear Movement (MIA) was  held nearby in Cuenca to highlight the risk that the nearby construction of the ATC in Villar de Cañas would entail. If there is a Nuclear Cemetery available it would boost the Nuclear Industry and could delay even further the closing down of dangerous obsolete plants.
In Sept 2017 the local Castilla-La Mancha government again rejected the Centralized Nuclear Cemetery (ATC)  pending a new environmental resolution by the Ministry, which they said  “must be negative.”

“We have made it clear that we want a different energy model; we do not want the promotion of nuclear energy and we are committed to renewables. The ATC is not compatible with a natural space, “they argued.
For five years renewable energy has been severely blocked in Spain due to  disgraceful laws by the corrupt PP to favour the fossil sector and finally the EU is set to fine Spain for its blatant ‘Tax on using the Sun’ policy.
Several geological reports from the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) indicate that this nuclear cemetery would be located on unsuitable land due to its risk of subsidence.
The Government delegate in Castilla-La Mancha, José Julián Gregorio, has defended the installation of the ATC in Villar de Cañas and has assured the public that this infrastructure “is necessary for Spain”. “Everyone will have to do what they think is convenient”, he pointed out.
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