EU/Turkey Refugee Scam: Sick, obscene, shameful, stupid or what?!

Return of refugees to Turkey is shameful, illegal human traffickingrefugee EU Turkey deal
Amnesty’s Andrew Gardner says sending refugees back to Syria is “absolutely illegal” both under Turkish and international law in itself. Also 2 documented reports, by Amnesty and the BBC show Turkey is now forcing refugees back into the Syrian war zone. Thus refugees deported by the EU to Turkey could be doubly illegally dumped on into Syria. Turkey is charging EU taxpayers 6,000,000,000 euros, plus free entry to the EU, for the privilege of exploiting this mega scam. Plus for every deportee accepted from Greece the Turkish state can legally dump a ‘documented’ refugee back there!

Sick, obscene, shameful, stupid or what?!1200x630_327525_eu-migrant-crisis-stranded-thousand

Greece on brink of chaos as refugees riot over forced return to Turkey

Rival ethnic groups clash in Piraeus and 800 break out of detention centre on Chios as EU deal brings desperation

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