Afrin defenders ambush and defeat Turkish ‘Special Force’ Butchers

  Special Police  of Turkey  Credit: Anadolu

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Turkey suffered heavy losses on Thursday during its invasion of Afrin with the military announcing that eight soldiers were killed and admitting 13 more wounded. The defenders reported 33 more deaths among the hired FSA mercenaries used by the Turkish state.

The day’s toll brings the number of Turkish soldiers killed since the launch of operation “Olive Branch” to at least 40.

The private Dogan news agency reported that intense fighting had broken out in the afternoon between  invadingTurkish special forces units recently deployed in Afrin and YPG members, who mounted an ambush with the help of tunnels.

According to the report a Turkish helicopter sent to rescue the wounded had to turn back after being hit, while the area was shelled to allow the Turkish forces to flee.. the Kurdish forces  damaged aCobra helicopter and destroyed at least two Turkish military vehicles in the Reco district on Thursday.A member of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) takes part in a demonstration alongside Syrian-Kurds in the town of Amuda Credit: AFP

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was informed of the incident during a visit to Senegal.

The defenders admitted that twenty-three YPG / YPJ fighters have died in the battles over the last 24 hours in  Reco. Two columns of a hundred militiamen stormed in surprise the Turkish pro positions in response to the helicopter attack against Kurdish positions.

HoweverTurkish aviation, with Russian and Syrian flight permission and using NATO equipment, detected the tunnel where they fell back and performed a massacre.

An injured girl receives treatment at the Avrin hospital in the Kurdish-majority town of Afrin Credit: AFP Continue reading “Afrin defenders ambush and defeat Turkish ‘Special Force’ Butchers”

‘Emperor’ Erdogan uses pretext of Childrens’ Wedding attack the Victims!

The Yazidi Womens Brigade join the SDF as they close in on the Turkish supported ISIS in the border town of Jarablus
The Yazidi Womens Brigade have joined the SDF alliance which is closing in on the Turkish supported ISIS in the border town of Jarablus

Erdogan's massacres tourism-boycottThis is at least the third time it has happened.  That a massacre of Kurds has been immediately followed up by a Turkish State attack on Kurds. In this case the ‘Childrens Massacre’ is being used as an obvious pretext to invade Syria. These are the 3 apparent ‘False Flag’ attacks: 

  1. July 20, 2015, Suruç: 34 Kurdish humanitarian volunteers were killed and about 100 injured in a suicide bombing in the predominantly-Kurdish town of Suruc near the border with Syria. Turkish officials blamed ISIS.

But instead of cracking down on ISIS they immediately began a blitzkrieg persecution of the Kurds themselves who were the victims, resulting in the end of the ceasefire and the whole Peace Process initiated by the Kurdish leader Ocalan, and a wave of Turkish nationalism that boosted Erdogan’s march to supreme dictator. ISIS never claimed the attack.suruc-explosion-3_3381376b

2. – October 10, 2015: 103 people are killed and more than 500 wounded in twin suicide bombings targeting a pro-Kurdish Peace Rally in Ankara. Again while blaming ISIS the Turkish State unleashed a wave of terror on the Kurdish victims themselves, criminalising the whole Kurdish political and cultural sector, sparking a war with the PKK guerilla volunteers, killing hundreds of civilians and bombing whole cities, like Cizre and Nusaybin into ruins. Continue reading “‘Emperor’ Erdogan uses pretext of Childrens’ Wedding attack the Victims!”

EU/Turkey Refugee Scam: Sick, obscene, shameful, stupid or what?!

Return of refugees to Turkey is shameful, illegal human traffickingrefugee EU Turkey deal
Amnesty’s Andrew Gardner says sending refugees back to Syria is “absolutely illegal” both under Turkish and international law in itself. Also 2 documented reports, by Amnesty and the BBC show Turkey is now forcing refugees back into the Syrian war zone. Thus refugees deported by the EU to Turkey could be doubly illegally dumped on into Syria. Turkey is charging EU taxpayers 6,000,000,000 euros, plus free entry to the EU, for the privilege of exploiting this mega scam. Plus for every deportee accepted from Greece the Turkish state can legally dump a ‘documented’ refugee back there!

Sick, obscene, shameful, stupid or what?!1200x630_327525_eu-migrant-crisis-stranded-thousand

Greece on brink of chaos as refugees riot over forced return to Turkey

Rival ethnic groups clash in Piraeus and 800 break out of detention centre on Chios as EU deal brings desperation

Continue reading “EU/Turkey Refugee Scam: Sick, obscene, shameful, stupid or what?!”

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