Afrin defenders ambush and defeat Turkish ‘Special Force’ Butchers

  Special Police  of Turkey  Credit: Anadolu

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Turkey suffered heavy losses on Thursday during its invasion of Afrin with the military announcing that eight soldiers were killed and admitting 13 more wounded. The defenders reported 33 more deaths among the hired FSA mercenaries used by the Turkish state.

The day’s toll brings the number of Turkish soldiers killed since the launch of operation “Olive Branch” to at least 40.

The private Dogan news agency reported that intense fighting had broken out in the afternoon between  invadingTurkish special forces units recently deployed in Afrin and YPG members, who mounted an ambush with the help of tunnels.

According to the report a Turkish helicopter sent to rescue the wounded had to turn back after being hit, while the area was shelled to allow the Turkish forces to flee.. the Kurdish forces  damaged aCobra helicopter and destroyed at least two Turkish military vehicles in the Reco district on Thursday.A member of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) takes part in a demonstration alongside Syrian-Kurds in the town of Amuda Credit: AFP

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was informed of the incident during a visit to Senegal.

The defenders admitted that twenty-three YPG / YPJ fighters have died in the battles over the last 24 hours in  Reco. Two columns of a hundred militiamen stormed in surprise the Turkish pro positions in response to the helicopter attack against Kurdish positions.

HoweverTurkish aviation, with Russian and Syrian flight permission and using NATO equipment, detected the tunnel where they fell back and performed a massacre.

An injured girl receives treatment at the Avrin hospital in the Kurdish-majority town of Afrin Credit: AFP

Hours later, on Thursday night, at least 17 more people died in a village in northern Efrîn, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. Fourteen of the dead were government forces, the Observatory detailed, along with three of YPG.

On Monday, Turkey deployed some 600 members of the police and gendarmerie special forces in the Afrin region, indicating it was preparing for urban fighting.

Nusaybin, May 2016, a European city after a Turkish ‘peacekeeping operation’ by their Special Force butchers.   see also ..Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days total ruins and deafening silence

The special forces are famous for butchering hundreds of Kurds during prolonged curfews in a series of Turkish cities, including Cizre and Nusaybin. The Kurdish majority cities were destroyed by the Turkish army after Erdogan unilaterally ended the advanced Kurdish Peace Process.

The Kurds had abandoned their guerrilla resistance and renounced  their claim to a separate State in favour of bottom up direct democracy. Erdogan went on to cement his dictatorial powers with a patriotic campaign against ”Kurdish terrorism” and other minorities..

Mother (3rd-L), sister (2nd-L) and brother (C) of the late 23-year-old YPJ fighter Barin Kobani, during a mourning ceremony in her honor in Afrin. Delil souleiman / AFP

The Turkish authorities have rejected a call by the United States  and other countries this week to obey the humanitarian truce in Syria, agreed by the UN Security Council.

The defenders of Afrin (YPG/YPJ/ SDF, International and pro Assad militias)  have announced their willingness to abide by the truce. But Ankara claims the UN resolution does not apply to its invasion and attempted genocide.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said a humanitarian aid convoy entered the Afrin region on Thursday for the first time since the start of the Turkish offensive, which has had a severe impact on civilians.According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), 141 civilians, including 27 children, have died since the beginning of the Turkish invasion.

Another Turkish Disaster in Mabeta 02/03/18

31 Turkish soldiers and their auxiliary mercenaries have been killed today in the village of Badina, the district of Mabeta. After The Turkish army and mercenaries invaded this town, the fighters of the Popular Defense Units, YPG and the Women’s Defense YPJ trapped them in an ambush The Turkish column were completely encircled and 31 corpses of the invading forces have been collected.

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