Anonymous vs Israel.. War is the health of the psychotic religious State,

‘The nation State takes advantage of our nationalist feelings to concentrate corruption, control  and money. The religious nation state is 10 times worse, guaranteeing totalitarian control by psychotic power freaks… Then there is the religious state claiming to be  the ‘Chosen Race’ and just one ethnic group, like Israel, which is a recipe for fascist genocide”

Anonymous ‘knocks out’ Mossad website over Israel’s Gaza offensive


 Hacker group Anonymous has  taken down the website of the Israeli secret service Mossad in protest of Israel’s military incursion in Gaza. The ‘hacktivists’ have already targeted a number of organizations in their mission to stop the “genocide.”

Mossad’s website went offline at around 00:40 GMT and is still down at the time of writing. The Israeli government has yet to make any comment on the supposed hack attack.

Anonymous launched a hacking campaign against Israel coinciding with the beginning of Operation Protective Edge on July 7. Continue reading “Anonymous vs Israel.. War is the health of the psychotic religious State,”

STOP all psychotic religious/capitalist/nationalist States

Iran has never attacked another country, the US, dozens.

Iran is obviously getting the bomb, but it has never yet attacked another country.(Unlike the US which has dozens of times). Right now Iran is controlled by religious nutters, just like Israel and the partly the US, who are threatening to BOMB its 78 million diverse and  innocent people ‘into the stone age’. The people of Iran, Israel and the US should get together to smash the religious, capitalist and State institutions that threaten to burn them alive and blow their children to bits.

Pressured by the US, the UN’s atomic watchdog will say this week that  Iran is developing nuclear arms .

The maniacs who control Israeli have said again they want to bomb Iran, which is surrounded by aggressive and psychotic Nuclear States..Israel, Pakistan, India and the good old USA.

The media is packed with commercial glorification of WAR.


It seems the US financial empire is tottering, despite its efforts to boost its ‘military industry’ with multiple wars, causing

up to a million dead bodies, just in Iraq. When I googled images with the tag ‘insane war industry’ I came up instead with 1000’s of photos publicizing

wonderful electronic war games and films. THIS is just OBSCENE MANIPULATION

War is the Logic of Capital, it seems,  the modern State will stop at nothing to hold onto power, and the religious state is just a horror story.

The 1% need a new war, the infiltration, assassinations and black ops have already begun.. It remains to be seen if Obama can stop them, or if a horrific incident can be blamed on the Iranis, sweeping the way clear on a tide of nationalist hysteria.


Reading lots of articles it seems to me that no country dares yet to start the Irani war.  All are playing a criminally dangerous game of ‘Chicken’ to satisfy their nationalist, capitalist and religious supporters, but not really desperate enough to take that crazy step, unless some sector jumps the gun…. LET’S HOPE That’s True..





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