Haitians oppressed to be robbed again in gold rush

Haitians to be robbed in gold rush

Capitalists ready to steal last resources from already deprived .US and Canadian companies have bribed politicians to access the precious metal, with zero environmental control, many locals are worried about their livelihoods.. only 2% will stay in Haiti, to be divided among corrupt officials..already neighbouring Domincan Republic is being devastated by giant open cast gold mines…

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Haiti: The soul of Africa, not for sale

By Ezili Dantò, May 18, 2012, for the FreeHaitiMovement

Chalermangne Peralte, assassinated by US Marines during the first U.S. occupation and then nailed to a door (Source: The Crucifixion of Emmanuel Drèd Wilmè during second US occupation of Haiti, April, 2005)


May 18, 2012 marks Haiti’s 209th flag day. The first Haitian flag lifting up Haiti’s independence was on May 18,1803 at Arcahaie. Those of us with conscience will spend the day exposing the Haitians helping in the imperial exploitation of Haiti and defending Haiti against this brutal US re-colonization. (See video, We would rather die standing; Hear Prof. Bayyinah Bello explain history of Haiti flag– Ezili’s May 18th Kreyòl feature.)

Haitians own more land than any other nationality in the Caribbean. But their lands are now being robbed. The Haitians from the Diaspora provide the platform for Clinton, Bush, Obama and other members of the US-Euro corporatocracy to take Haiti lands. Haiti belongs to Haitians. It is our legacy. A sacred land, paid for in combat, in oceans of blood, rivers of sweat and tears and a thousand terrors. Paid for, in hard centuries of labor. Paid for in hard cash, again and again, even after independence. Paid for in centuries of struggle against neocolonoliasm, centuries of enduring unendurable cruelties, centuries of possession against all odds.

Haiti has provided sanctuary to the oppress, defended and freed many nations from Euro-US enslavement.

There is less violence in Haiti than in Washington D.C., Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras. Than in most of the countries in the Western Hemisphere. (See UN Global Study on Homicide at pg 93.)

What’s a Chapter 7, peace enforcement UN mission doing in Haiti for over 8-years when there is no peace agreement to enforce, and when there’s more violence elsewhere in the hemisphere, including much more in Brazil who heads the UN mission?

2010 Homicide Rates(Pg 93)

Haiti – homicide rate 6.9 per 100,000 for 2010.Washington D.C. 21.1 /100,000 for 2011; New Orleans homicide rate is 52/100,000 and USA – 5.0/100,000 (for 2009). Brazil (22.7/100,000), Mexico (18.1/100,000) Columbia (33.4/100,000), Bahamas (28.0/100,000), Jamaica (52.1/100,000), Dominican Republic (24.9/100,000), Trinidad and Tobago (35.2/100,000) , Honduras (82.1/100,000). “Also there’s more HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC/USA (3.0) and in the Bahamas (3.0) than there is in Haiti (2.2), but Haiti is the one whose HIV rate is constantly recalled… the Western country’s paternalistic narrative uses Haiti to boost their egos. Their cruel projections mostly don’t survive objective inspection.” — To Tell The Truth About Haiti Forum ;
Trinidad and Tobago now rivals Jamaica as the most violent country in the Caribbean


Other than to maintain the white savior’s narcissistic, racist and very profitable narrative of white supremacy, the occupation of Haiti is for plundering Haiti’s Riches – oil, gold, silver, copper, iridium, deep water ports, fertile lands and to control Haiti’s strategic position. It’s been so, since 2004 with the current US occupation behind UN guns and Paul Farmer’s tool-of-war NGO missionaries.

But these perennial liars’ indecency and hypocrisy are boundless.

So, since before the fall of the US-supported Duvalier dictatorships in 1986, the US has been bringing “hope,” democracy, development and human rights to Haiti.

As intended, it has systematically manifested the exact opposite.

The newest, profit-over-people sweatshop hoax is Caracol, a sweatshop project masking US colonial expansion in the Northeast – its appropriation, in post-earthquake Haiti, of fertile lands and construction of a deep water port at Caracol, just 9 miles from Canada’s flourishing gold mining operations.

The exploitation of Haiti’s riches – gold, copper, silver, deep-water ports, oil, natural gas, iridium, offshore Islands like Latòti, Lagonav, Ilavach, Lanavaz; northern ports such as Fò Libète, Mòl-Sen-Nikola, Labadi – and the destruction of fertile lands in Haiti, continues in this second occupation unabated.

There’s no dissent from the world’s moral arbiters like the religious institutions, the universities, the investigative establishments like the media or trend setters like the arts or the so-called progressive political parties. Until Haiti’s freedom fighters speak again, as in 1791, it seems that Haiti shall remain surrounded in an ocean of colonized nations and peoples who mostly accept the story they’re fed about Haiti and accept their own “better conditions” as the height of humankind’s marvelous progress.

The United Nation itself, the international arbiter of human rights in the world, gives the US its firepower cover and benevolent pretext in Haiti.

The UN mercenary force is paid nearly $1 billion per year and gives over 14,000 jobs to foreigners in Haiti.

Bill Clinton has been dispatched by Hillary Clinton at Obama’s State Department to fulfill Leclerc’s imperative through debt, privatization, unfair trade, UN occupation and wage slavery.

The US-Euros, descendants of the greatest enslavers to ever walk planet earth are back, since 2004, occupying the country that first abolished slavery and colonialism.

They have mercilessly shocked, traumatized, pummeled and brought UN imported disease, Clinton-famine and Clorox hunger to Haitians while taking Haiti lands, riches and destroying the ecosystem.

Their foreign imported filth and indecency goes unabated.

Since the UN brought in the most deadly cholera bacteria to Haiti in Oct. 2010, 7,128 Haitians have died, 540,145  infected,  290,491 hospitalized as of May 5, 2012. On top of this, no one knows where $6 billion in earthquake relief funds has gone. That’s after losing over 310,000 loved ones, in 33 seconds in the apocalyptic Jan. 2010 earthquake. Two years on, over 500,000 quake victims are still living under tarps – homeless under the hot sun, and in the flooding, rainy, muddy and windy hurricane seasons. There’s no clean water to drink, even outside the quake zone. The UN poisoned Haiti’s water with cholera. But the Red Cross, Obama, Hillary and Billy are building hotels for foreigners with quake donation dollars.

The use of schooled Haitian-Americans and African-Americans – pretty smiling black faces like Michaëlle Jean (Special Envoy to Haiti for the United Nations), Cheryl Mills (Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton), Susan Rice (United States Ambassador to the United Nations) –  cover up nicely the foreign robbery, such as the Caracol Parc larceny. Institutional racism and the all-consuming white supremacist’s philanthropic narrative does the rest.

More peasant Haitians are being muscled out of their fertile lands by blan – foreigners – than since the slavery era. The Clinton-Bush invaders are using the Haiti and black elites – colonized minds created in foreign lands, schooled by their colonial masters – who readily facilitate the continued plunder of Haiti, the buying of large tracts of Haitian lands. (How can Africa prevent the plunder of its lands by Western powers.)

The Caracol hoax, like SHADA (Haitian-American Society for Agricultural Development) during the first US occupation, is theft hidden behind the colonial pretext of giving jobs to disenfranchised Haitians. The fact that the 2004 US regime change disenfranchised Haiti is not a factor to consider.

In essence, there’s little difference between the Haitian-American collaborators (technocrats) in the first US occupation of Haiti (1915 to 1934) or in this on-going one (2004 -). Between Caracol or SHADA. (See a historical perspective on our website at “Caracol, SHADA: Hoax masking foreign appropriation of fertile Haiti lands. See also Corruption uninterrupted ; Haiti’s Hotel Boom: Only for the Rich ; Not voting for Obama: We’re not even buying a voting ticket to the show and Haiti servants of colonial power: The mercenary families.)

The graveyard or touted dream “development” of the US-Euros and their black servants is to make Haiti in the image of their other Caribbean tourist spots. A place where Haiti’s best lands are foreign-owned and gated up from local intrusion and where the locals are simple backdrops, props for vacationing Northern tourists and for their sexual tourism. This is where Obama and the Clintons are taking Desalin’s Haiti.

Creating violence by killing and disappearing real Haiti community leaders, like Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, then allowing the arming of the disenfranchised and disillusioned youths and jobless former military, gives the US-Euros an enemy in Haiti for their UN guns.

The former army soldiers and puppet-President Martelly’s youth militia are not criminalized as Emmanuel Drèd Wilmè and the Lavalas supporters were because they serve empire’s interests. Right now, for the eugenicists’ purposes, they will serve well the colonial blueprint to create conditions like Jamaica’s Trench Town. (Video below.)

The ex-soldiers are allowed to gather and assemble because this serves the “violent-Haiti” colonial narrative, deflect from the earthquake donation dollars stolen or misused by the Clinton/Farmer/USAID NGO cadres. Gives their rapacious corporate media a Black evil to focus on instead of the UN murderers, pedophiles and the corrupt aid workers. Something to focus on until the fleecing is done. Then you won’t hear so loudly the media cries about Haiti’s violence. Just as you don’t hear there’s more violence in the Bahamas and Dominican Republic than there is in Haiti. (Disaster Capitalism: 0.5 % in Haiti – Haiti’s Oligarchy – own 98% of Haiti wealth through monopolies supported by Western policymakers and the corporatocracy.)

Creating Trench Town in Haiti means lots of guns and drugs shall be made available to the hungry, jobless and disenfranchised as it is in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Washington DC, Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. The US-Euros simply won’t stop until they have raised Haiti’s violence levels for real. Once Haiti’s best lands, islands and resources are all stolen away from the poor and mostly foreign-owned as it is in the rest of the colonized Caribbean, then Haiti will no longer be a failed nation. No. It will be developed like the rest of the Caribbean.

The “locals” will invisibly exist in virtually the same area as gated luxurious compounds, protected by heavily armed security, offering the latest in modern comforts and high-tech pleasures for tourists. This is the bourgeois graveyard or “development” the US-Euros and their servants want for Haiti.

But this is DESALIN’s descendants they’re facing.
Se pa kado, blan te fè nou. Se san Zansèt nou yo ki te koule – We didn’t get our independence through Paul Farmer’s NGO charity but in combat with the hard core Euro-US enslavers hidden behind the missionary’s false benevolence.

Haitians have been fighting from one generation to the next for their own
freedom. May 18 marks another flag day under occupation. But resistance is not futile. Nou pap bay legen – we shall never give in. (Photos: Transcending the 2002 Ottawa Initiative for Haiti ; Haiti reMEMBER victims of 2004 US Regime Change& US/UN occupation.)


Serving maids, gardeners and butlers for blan (foreigners). Clinton/Obama and the Haiti Oligarchs “development” for Haiti is Caribbean-style tourism where Haiti’s huddled masses are exotic backdrop, convenient bodies and props for privileged Northern tourists and Paul Farmer’s false benevolence. In the picture, Haiti Oligarch, Grégory Brandt, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Franco-haïtienne : “Mes enfants ont étudié à l’étranger mais ont choisi de revenir à Haïti malgré la situation. Et j’en suis très fier…” Crédits : Paolo Woods / Institute (Source: Les Nantis D’Haiti)


When people with integrity re-establish some conscience, justice and law in the US and in the world; when the US occupation of Haiti behind UN guns is duly removed. Then, Haiti UN cholera victims, coup d’etat victims, Paul Farmer’s poverty-pimping and money laundering NGOs, along with all their false progressives, now begging for “Haiti rights” from the UN killers and murderers, will also be duly judged and convicted.

The road to justice for Haitians seems endless. But sometimes we glimpse the light of conscience.

At last week’s war crimes tribunal in Malaysia, former UN Assistant Secretary General, Denis Halliday, who attended the trial, later told Press TV that the UN had been too weak during the Bush administration to enforce the Geneva Conventions.

“He said: ‘The UN is a weak body, corrupted by member states, who use the Security Council for their own interests. They don’t respect the charter. They don’t respect the international law. They don’t respect the Geneva Conventions… A redundant, possibly a dangerous, and certainly corrupted organization.’

Following the hearing, former Malaysian premier Mahatir said of Bush and others: ‘These are basically murderers and they kill on large scale.’” –War Tribunal Finds Bush, Cheney Guilty of War Crimes

Maybe generations from now, maybe tomorrow, a Desalin Haitian will make a way out of no way to lay out Haiti’s case against the UN, the US regime changers, the Paul Farmer NGO rapists and the sniveling Haiti collaborators. On that day, we shall overcome all the May 18th flag days we’ve endured under US occupation behind UN guns.

In the meanwhile, Haiti’s defenders submit that Haiti lands are a sacred legacy. More inviolable than Harvard’s legacy admissions. Haiti belongs to Haitians and must stay that way so to also give refuge to those fleeing oppression as outlined in Desalin’s 1805 Constitution.

The earth, mountains and lakes in Haiti are the hearts, sinew and bones of the Ancestors. Their Descendants’ communal (Lakou/Konbit) ownership is paid for, in full.

This sacred highland we own wasn’t bought on passive income from the slave trade. It was paid for in Africa souls going back to lè marasa, lè mòt e lè mistè.

Haiti is a protected legacy, birthed in liberty, not for sale.

Ezili Dantò
Larouze fè banda toutan soley pa leve
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN)
May 18, 2012

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