Trapwire is watching us… Wikileaks vs. the CIA.. ‘Smash A Cam Saturday’

Wikileaks has exposed Trapwire, which is a giant Global snooping system set up in 2004 by ex CIA agents and linked to millions of cameras and supercomputers.

In theory Trapwire is to detect potential terrorists, by spotting them doing the planning, thus cashing in on the multi billion antiterrorist budget.

In practive terrorists are rarer than dodos..If, like the NYT says, TrapWire is “Counter-Terrorism” software, how do we explain THIS 2nd August 2010 internal Stratfor email, which states, “they (San Francisco) need something like TrapWire more for threats from activists than from terror threats. Both are useful, but activists are ever-present around here.”

According to Richard Hollis Helms, ex-CIA and founder of Abraxas in 2001, TrapWire was designed to share threat information and establish patterns of data that could be used to predict attacks. “It can collect information about people and vehicles that is more accurate than facial recognition, draw patterns, and do threat assessments of areas that may be under observation from terrorists,” he said. “The application can do things like ‘type’ individuals so if people say ‘medium build,’ you know exactly what that means from that observer.”

The CIA were FURiOUS at the exposure of their illegal money spinner… was crippled for days under a massive DDoS attack, while supporters busily organised ‘mirror’ sites to keep it goingAccording to several reports, it has been suffering a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack since August 3rd. WikiLeaks says the DDoS is flooding the site with ten gigabits of requests every second.

WikileaksAs I write this, is back online and accepting donations despite the continuing economic blockade.

Corporate media has tried to ignore the exposure of Trapwire. After 5 days the New York Times did a pathetic and largely false story exposed HERE-whitewash/  It had been 5 days since #Trapwire broke, and that Google searches on “TrapWire” had returned 34,400 results yesterday, and over 240,000 results today, we asked how many million results must be returned before corporate media would address it.

On the alternative media there is a lot of hype and exaggeration about TrapWire. Articles like this one from a popular English news site does little to calm those prone to panic.   see much more

Anonymous Announces Operation TrapWire and

Smash A Cam Saturday

……1) lot of blurb…2) ACTION ALERT – “Smash A Cam Saturday”: TrapWire has access to virtually all CCTV’s that have IP/internet connectivity. We have prepared an initial map/database of these cameras across the USA, and we will continue to expand this knowledge base.

While this database is a good guide to high priority camera targets, we encourage everyone to target any camera with IP/internet connectivity. We are asking everyone to sabotage at least one CCTV per week on what we are calling “Smash A Cam Saturday”. We have provided this excellent manual of different tactics and strategies for disabling or destroying these “eyes of the beast”.

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